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ey wanted to get in the fog.


Jan 3, 2024

Pei Jiao couldn’t understand, so he walked directly towards the base. The reason why he did not land directly in the center of the base was that he planned to destroy the ghosts from the outermost periphery. After all, ghosts are not Ghosts, even in this moment of subspace, can be invisible, fly, or even enter solid bodies to hide. In this way, even if Pei Jiao is not afraid of these ghosts, these ghosts are ordinary ones. Man’s natural enemy, if he kills an ordinary person, he will get another ghost. If he lands directly in the center of the base, the surrounding ghosts may run away en masse.
/So at this moment, he just landed on the periphery of the base, and his whole body’s aura, standard energy, silver lightning, etc. were all hidden. He looked almost like an ordinary person, while ghosts have no intelligence and only have They have an instinct and are extremely eager to absorb the soul of life in order to relieve the emptiness in their bodies. Therefore, seeing this, the ghosts at the outermost edge of the base rushed towards Pei Jiaowei.
Pei Jiao ignored him. At this moment, he was already the closest being to the level of the Demon King. If he attacked, his momentum would spread far away. After all, he was not yet at the level of the Demon King and could not condense his momentum. It was in one place, so the ghosts in the distance were likely to escape. He allowed these ghosts to attach themselves to him, and then disappeared completely like water flowing into the river and sea.
/(No! A ghost has one such fragment. These are probably some of the memories they had when they were still human. There are tens of millions or hundreds of millions of ghosts here. If I absorb all their memories, I will immediately You will become insane, or even completely become a lunatic, an idiot! You can’t do this!)
Pei Jiao was also startled. Without hesitation, he immediately cut an obsession out of his body. It was crystal clear and flawless, like crystal. Not even a single bubble or dark blemish existed. He immediately The fragment was stuffed into the center of the body that was isolated with silver thunder runes. At the same time, in this silver rune, there was also the projection of the God of Beauty that he had captured before and was constantly refining.
With this, Pei Jiao no longer hesitated and walked all the way from outside the base to the inside. Outside the base, there were at least hundreds of thousands of densely packed ghosts. At this moment, they were also roaring and roaring silently towards them. Pei Jiao rushed over and penetrated into his body one by one. His standard energy was naturally evaporated. The remaining memory fragments fell into the isolated obsession. Gradually, hundreds of thousands of ghosts disappeared in an instant. Then it completely disappeared, and his obsession had also been dyed pitch black, and endless moans, pain, wandering, and despair seemed to erupt from it.
“It’s really scary”
Even Pei Jiao felt terrified when he saw this obsession. The evi

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