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ly, including the women. After more than a year of testing, those who failed had died long ago, and the remaining people were simply more alert than the scouts in the army.


Jan 2, 2024

When everyone completely lay down on the mud, the chirping sounds in the distance slowly became clearer. Everyone knew that it was the language of a foreign race, but they didn’t know what race the foreign race in the distance was. I hope it wasn’t. The elves and the elves are the most sensitive to sounds and smells. Even if they cannot hear their voices, just smelling their scent is enough to find them. However, the mountain barbarians and the ogres are no problem. The tribe is very stupid, as long as they don’t make a sound, it is impossible to find them in such a heavy fog. As for the goblin race, it doesn’t pose much of a threat.
But just as everyone was praying nervously, suddenly, the sound of conversations in the distance suddenly stopped. Wang Jun panicked and immediately shouted: “Let’s go! Run as fast as you can!” As he spoke, a sudden An arrow shot through the air and hit a tree beside everyone, penetrating into the tree within an inch.
The people behind Wang Jun did not hesitate when they heard the words, stood up and ran away behind them. Only Wang Jun remained motionless, looking forward quietly, aiming the rifle in his hand, and pointed at the arrow. The trigger was pulled in the direction of the arrow.
Only a bang was heard, and a burst of exclamations from men and women came from the distance. It was obvious that Wang Jun’s shot hit the target with great luck, and he did not panic and continued to pull the trigger. Silently looking at the crosshair, he took aim and continued to wait quietly.
Immediately, a burst of arrows shot out from the thick fog. Twenty or thirty arrows were shot out continuously. They were extremely powerful and had an extremely long range, even enough to rival ordinary firearms. Behind the king’s army, there was a continuous sound. There were several miserable howls, and it was obvious that someone had been hit by these arrows, but some people still fled into the thick fog, and ran further and further away. Only Wang Jun was left crawling there silently in the entire scene.
/“Team members and tribesmen, stay alive and find the yam area. Please, let everyone survive.”
/Wang Jun gave a silent blessing. His mental power was really highly concentrated. He almost focused his mind on the sight in front of him. He just stared at the thick fog in front of him and waited quietly. Several seconds seemed to pass. A few years later, at this moment, several black figures rushed in very quickly in front of them. They were vaguely tall and slim figures of the elves, and they seemed to be holding two swords. Wang Jun knew that, This is the melee combat unit of the elves. It is extremely fast and powerful. He did not dare to confront it at all. So the moment the black shadow appeared, he pulled the trigger in his hand, and there was another bang. , the black shadow immediately fell down.
But at this moment, another bla

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