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w that the key to this was that his body had been transformed by the Golden Crow bloodline many times, so he would not feel much uncomfortable once he was integrated into the Golden Crow bloodline again.


Jan 4, 2024

At this time, the heat in his dantian reached its extreme, making Wei Xiaobei feel as if a volcano had appeared in his stomach.
Wei Xiaobei immediately lowered his mind and shifted his attention to his dantian.
But this time, what Wei Xiaobei saw in his dantian was completely different from before.
The ball of liquid suspended in the Dantian was slowly emitting a faint light and heat. Although the light was not very dazzling, it had turned into the prototype of a sun, continuously spreading out the golden light and heat, and flowing The real mercury passing through the Dantian also takes on a hint of gold.
For the moment, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t pay much attention to the changes in the liquid ball, and then he checked all the conditions inside his body.
The emergence of the prototype of the sun in the Dantian caused the color of the real mercury to begin to change little by little, and this change seemed to also drive the golden runes everywhere in the body, causing some changes to these golden runes.
Wei Xiaobei had a hunch that he seemed to be not far from the five-star level.
Huh, after his mind recovered, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief. With the help of the Golden Crow bloodline, his ancient Golden Crow Fierce Sun Nine Points Technique finally reached Xiao Cheng!
In other words, he can now create three Golden Crow clones in one breath, and the strength of the Golden Crow clones has also been greatly improved!
The improvement in overall strength has also improved Wei Xiaobei’s confidence a lot, and even gave Wei Xiaobei the ability to directly enter the gray world of Japan, kill Amaterasu, seize the opponent’s Golden Crow bloodline, and divide the ancient Golden Crow Lieyang into nine parts. The urge to ascend to greatness.
/However, this impulse was quickly suppressed by Wei Xiaobei.
As the saying goes, only by knowing yourself and the enemy can you win every battle. Wei Xiaobei had never faced off against Amaterasu, and the strength of those Amaterasu clones before could not be determined accurately.
However, it can be inferred from common sense that Amaterasu should be at least a four-star disaster peak creature level, or even higher!
After thinking about it, Wei Xiaobei once again opened the space passage to the Aoki Paradise and stepped in.
Entering the Aoki Paradise, Wei Xiaobei slowly walked towards the sun high in the sky while taking out the ball of Amaterasu’s divinity from the storage ring.
As soon as the ball of divinity was taken out, a sharp voice rang out: “Who are you! How dare you take away my divinity?”
With this divinity falling into his hands, how could Wei Xiaobei let him go just because of a little threat? However, hearing Amaterasu’s voice made Wei Xiaobei a little unhappy, and then a piece of lightning flashed out from his palm and directed tow

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