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nt thing is that this kind of change is not in a laboratory, nor is it the kind of change that ordinary people can’t touch or understand, but It can be seen, experienced and felt in life.


Jan 2, 2024

Not every country is like this. For example, in Taiwan, where Zhongqing grew up, the high-speed rail from the airport to the city can be built for 20 years. It is very difficult to feel the rapid development.
“The third wife said that if you want to escape the various influences brought by the narrow island environment, you must pay attention to the wider world and the more colorful and diversified social environment. It is impossible for people not to be exposed to various languages ????every day. Information and emotions are influenced by the spirit, but you can choose what kind of comprehensive environment and spirit will influence you.” Zhongqing explained, “Of course, it is inevitable that there will be junk culture and vulgarity in any environment. Shallow and happy-go-lucky stuff.”
Zhongqing admired the third wife’s vision and structure very much. What he learned from her was something that could not be learned at school or in the classroom, or that others knew clearly but could not learn due to political environment, social pressure, etc. Things to say to students.
Just like many teachers in Taiwan, they will tell students they know each other privately that they should go to the mainland for development, but it is very risky to say this directly in class.
By focusing on all aspects of the mainland, your horizons will be much broader, and your perspectives and thoughts will become more grand and long-term without realizing it.
Regardless of the current information network, people are influenced by information and are no longer restricted by geographical location. But in fact, if we don’t deliberately jump out, the geographical location restrictions still have a lot of impact. This is what people are born with. “Well”, and the question of self-choice to jump out or stay in the comfort zone.
/“It seems like she doesn’t understand the truth, so how can she educate a sheep like Zhu Juntang?” Liu Changan sighed lightly.
The only explanation is that Su Mei was poisoned by “happy education”, and in her eyes, Zhu Juntang is still in the infant stage?
Only this makes sense, otherwise with Su Mei’s background, how could she educate Zhu Juntang to be like this?
You must know that the rich ladies who were cultivated by Su Mei’s family environment, in addition to their own extremely excellent qualities, they are also often good at cultivating their next generation. Just look for any masters from modern and famous families, Looking through their memoirs, you will find that many of their mothers had a background like Su Mei.
Or perhaps Su Mei feels that since she was responsible for the birth, it is his business to educate her?
/Zhong Qing chuckled, then became serious again, “Education cannot be generalized between people. You can’t always use the template of ordinary people who are hard-working, diligent and studious to ask t

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