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mation and did not see such a statement at all.


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“It is impossible for outsiders to know this. Charles the Conqueror has behaved impeccably towards the Holy See and Castro from beginning to end. They have always maintained the habit of communicating with each other once a week. You can read the letters for yourself. The more you read, the more Eventually, those letters became less and less full of actual content.
“From these letters, we can actually see the estrangement between the two. In addition, we can see some signs from Kesdu’s diary. Kesdo will not say it clearly, but only from his wording and habitual words. Feel it in.
“You can tell if you study Kesdu’s diary carefully and compare the comments about Charles the Conqueror’s preferences at different times.”
“The paragraph mentioned that Charles the Conqueror was afraid of the power of magic. Is this proof?” Hull asked.
“That’s not true. The reason why Charles the Conqueror is afraid of magic is probably related to Gothe’s disappearance. This is another mystery in history.” The old man explained quickly, but he did not go into detail as before.
“Are there really corpses of gods and demons in the tomb of Charles the Conqueror?” Hull asked.
“This is another puzzle. It is related to another puzzle, that is, where did the power of the four great magicians at that time come from? How did the power of Charles the Conqueror come to conquer the world?” The old man said replied.
“It’s really like the legend. The four magicians and Charlie the Conqueror happened to encounter a war between gods and demons. In the end, both gods and demons suffered losses. They helped gods kill the demons and received rewards from gods. The four magics The division chose strength, and Charles the Conqueror chose power?” asked Hull.
The guess he got from the Undying King was that if there really was a war between gods and demons, these people would probably not let either side go. The four magicians might have promised benefits to Charlie the Conqueror, such as helping him conquer the entire world. in exchange for something.
/The old man was silent for a while and said, “Do you believe that gods and demons will kill you to death if nothing happens?”
This argument makes Hull feel very fresh. Hasn’t the Holy See always claimed that justice and evil, light and darkness are incompatible, and there will inevitably be disputes between gods and demons, and there will be a final decisive battle that will end the world?
“There must have been a war between gods and demons.” The old man sighed and said, “But it may not have been in front of Charlie the Conqueror.”
Hull was thoughtful. He felt that the old man’s words were not lying. The Immortal King had never seen these collections of the Holy See. Naturally, he would not have the same understanding as the old man. The old man must have discovered something, but this guy may not be willing to explain.
In fact, the Immortal King once had a speculation that the four magicians might have found a certain ruins, and there were things left by g

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