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r away, and it was pitch black four or five meters away.


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Hull casually threw a handful of black crystals in. The crystals floated in the air and melted quickly under the burning of the purple flames.
Seeing that all the black crystals were almost melted, Hel recited the incantation of Skeleton Explosion while punching the ghost in. The black crystals that had turned into liquid immediately condensed quickly, condensing into black crystals. The skull had two strange dark red lights shining from its eyes.
The six skull explosions were completed.
Necromancers all like this magic because Skeleton Explosion can be stored. This feature makes it often used to make magic traps, but it cannot be stored for more than one day, which is the biggest regret.
Forty skull blasts were refined at once, and Hull carefully put these black crystal skulls aside.
He picked up a skull from the ground. The next step was to refine the Undead Demon Servant. Since the Undead Demon Servant was only used as a container for the Skeleton Explosion, other parts of the body were not needed. One skull was enough.
He originally brought forty skulls, which had been engraved with magic circles and inlaid with various magic stones.
He had no interest in doing the work all over again. He quickly dismantled the skeleton he brought, removed the scored bone fragments one by one, and then attached them to the skull he picked up from the ground.
He casually performed a fusion technique upwards, and the bone fragments were seamlessly attached to the skull.
Throwing the skull into the Hellfire to be smelted, Hel began to make the next one.
May in Raymond seemed destined to be troubled. A horrific incident had just occurred, resulting in the death of more than 4,000 people. Not long after, another earthquake occurred, which caused the collapse of many buildings that had been in disrepair.
Fortunately, most of the collapsed buildings were uninhabited, so the casualties caused by the earthquake were not large. In addition, this is Raymond, the center of the Holy See. With the intervention of the Holy See, all the wounded were treated and escaped.
Only the upper echelons of the Holy See knew that the earthquake closed the cracks that had originally opened and also completely sealed the cave. Moreover, the earthquake was man-made.
The people who knew this best were the members of the surveillance point. On the day of the earthquake, they discovered extremely strong magic fluctuations. It was definitely a top-notch magic.
That crack was originally the most troublesome thing for the Holy See, but now it has been sealed. This should have been a happy event. But without knowing the reason, even happy events cannot make people feel at ease.
Of course, when things got to this point, no one was willing to dig that crack again.
A secret remains a secret forever.
Only Hel knew that there was a huge space underground under Raymond. This space was filled with countless treasures. For a necromancer, it was simply heaven.
/It was his order to create the earthquak

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