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three meters tall and has thick leather armor and even his own thick skin, when he is hit by this giant totem, it turns into a ball of mud. As for The huge scythe held by another muscular black man danced like a fan blade as he walked along, leaving broken arms and limbs all along the way.


Jan 2, 2024

With these two men as the main forwards, five or six black men with blank eyes behind them as the center forwards, plus a dozen strong men who followed to cover up the attack, although there were only about twenty people, they seemed to have the momentum of a thousand troops. , after killing three times among the more than 200 wild boar aliens, he only lost seven or eight people, and they were all from the rear team, but more than a hundred wild boar people died. The remaining wild boar people actually started to escape.
This group of black people seemed to have known this for a long time. They did not stop to rest. Instead, they divided into two teams, each led by a muscular black man. They started chasing these wild boars from two directions. The aliens came, and they charged and killed for a while. In the end, only thirty or fifty wild boars escaped, and the blacks lost three more people, including a squadron member with blank eyes. He was killed by two during the pursuit. Two wild boar men who burst out with fighting spirit attacked each other, and their heads were smashed immediately, but they were too dead to die.
At this point, the battle finally ended, but these strong black men did not rest there. Instead, they silently gathered the bodies of the dead black men, and then they all looked at the two muscle bulging men. At this moment, the two of them also returned to their normal figures, looking like normal people.
The two men looked at each other, and one of them smiled bitterly and said: “It’s really hard this time. We lost nearly half of our tribe’s hunters. I didn’t expect that we encountered the main force of the wild boar people during this hunting. Alas.”
Another black man said with a deep expression: “That’s true, but it’s also because we have sneak-attacked this wild boar tribe more than ten times in a row and killed one or two hundred of their tribesmen. It’s fair for them to come out to encircle and suppress us. It’s really a pity. A high-level hunter died, but no ordinary hunter could advance to a high-level hunter. This is probably the biggest loss to our tribe.”
The two of them were speechless for a while, and it took a long time before one of them said: “No matter what, let’s eat the bodies of the heroic spirits first, and let their power be integrated into our bodies to make us stronger. Lead the clansmen out of this predicament!”
/Now all these black people gathered around, and they actually started to eat the corpses of their own people, eating them alive one by one, with their mouths full of blood.
/Yes, among some primitive forest tribes in Africa, and even some civilized black people, their ancestors have some customs. One of them is the custom of cannibalism. In fact, it is not really about eati

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