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m dies, the living ones will do everything possible to avenge him.


Jan 1, 2024

After searching all night that day, no clues were found in the end, but this in itself seemed to be a clue, pointing the man behind the scenes to the most heinous group of bandits in the Gobi.
A group of cat assassins also left, and Hull didn’t care much about this group of people.
What makes people feel a little surprised is that the antelope people, who were originally considered the most timid, actually all stayed.
Hull only learned afterwards that these antelopes were truly cowardly. The reason why they did not leave was because they were afraid of being killed and silenced, and because they were worried that if they left, they would encounter the pursuers of Vulture Castle, and of course One reason is that previous mind control also played some role.
The hyena people who escaped the most were the hyena people. In a few days, two-thirds of the hyena people had escaped, and the rest were real desperadoes. These hyena people were a big family, whether they were old or young. Scars can be seen all over the body.
The only ones who still looked extremely indifferent, as if nothing had happened, were the camel coolies.
The number of people suddenly decreased a lot, and it was impossible to travel all night as before. What’s more, since they knew that someone was trying to attack them in the dark, and the other party most likely knew their destination, they would not be able to do it again. It would be unwise to move at night.
/So from that day on, when the sun went down, the team stopped to rest.
All the sand sleds gathered in a circle formed a simple fortress, with a six-barreled rapid-fire cannon set up in each of the eight directions. No matter who wanted to attack by force, they would definitely pay a heavy price.
/And as soon as the gunfire rings out, Hull’s magicians will use overwhelming magic to let the intruders know what the majesty of magicians is.
Hull and his men have also been very careful in recent days. The prophets have quietly deployed surveillance circles in the sand.
Whenever the sun goes down, they use warning magic to cover the camp. As for the necromancers, they are responsible for guarding the mercenaries. Hel has never regarded these mercenaries as their own.
They have reached the edge of the Gobi Desert, and they can see rolling mountains in the distance. It is not far from their destination of Patison, but if they continue walking, they will enter those mountains.
At this moment, there is a group of people lurking in the mountains.
These people were wearing cloaks of the same color as the surrounding rocks and gray disc turbans on their heads. They were almost indistinguishable from the rocks when they lay on the rocks. Even the guns in their hands were wrapped in sacks. , for a group of people who don’t know magic, it’s pretty well hidden.
It’s a pity that all this still fell into the eyes of one of Hull’s men. In this endless desert, the simplest warning magic is definitely “life detection”.
“Life Detection” d

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