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if he is not a saint, just for his achievements in cultivation, it would be easy to kill ordinary saints, otherwise , how could the Human Emperor become the strongest person to suppress the ancient world after Su Gu and Jun?


Jan 1, 2024

What he can do now is to coordinate and sum up the power he currently has, and use this power to deal with the battle before him.
Pei Jiao looked at Yang Dingtian and others in front of him. In the previous battle to eliminate the blood sacrifice, these people were basically attacked by the remaining holy souls of the eight powerful tribes. However, they were all blessed with great luck, and they were only injured but not killed. , and Li Lian even repelled the Holy Soul. This battle seemed to have a great improvement effect on them, especially Zhang Heng. In just a few days, he had actually condensed an aura field. , Pei Jiao secretly sighed in admiration.
/The so-called protagonist, the main supporting role, the supporting role, etc., possesses great luck, is incomparably magical and indescribable. Every time, he can turn disaster into good luck, and become stronger when encountering strength. Like in that kind of novel, he fell off a cliff and obtained peerless martial arts, or It is normal for the protagonist or the main supporting characters to eat poisonous things and increase their skills for hundreds of years. At this moment, when the human race is at its most critical, it is normal for these people to start to rapidly increase their strength.
Pei Jiao looked at the people around him and sighed secretly, but he didn’t know how many of the people present would be able to survive after the hand of God came. He also had countless battles with thousands of people in the prehistoric continent. Many partners died on the battlefield, such as a cold man who was best at long-range sniping, a wise man who liked to eat all kinds of weird foods, such as insects, and a man with a colorful mouth who liked to tease beauties of all races, but was very trustworthy. ,besides
They were all his partners in the previous life, but they all died in battle without a trace. Even their souls seemed to have disappeared, but they were probably really dead. In this life, as Pei Jiao, he didn’t know how many more times he would have to go through. To be so sad again is just like Gong Yeyu was so sad back then
“Everyone, I will set up a completed version of the Four Elephants and Five Elements Bagua Array here. I will enter the third level of Saint Arms preparation. Under this situation, I cannot move my soul body at all, but I have to ask you to protect it.”
Pei Jiao said to the people around him. After finishing speaking, he hesitated a little, and then said to Li Lian: “Li Lian, please give me your ultimate sword.”
Li Lian was stunned for a moment, then he immediately smiled and said: “This sword belongs to you. I snatched it back from the aliens. You can take it anytime you want.” After saying that, he took the sword directly. Passed it to Pei Jiao.
Pei Jiao took the Immortal Killing Sword, his eyes flashed

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