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Jan 1, 2024

Under the circumstances, the two films also tell the story of superheroes.
At this point, “Spider-Man” is completely popular!
In the following days, “Spider-Man” continued to heat up, and even some entertainment broadcast programs began to frequently mention this superhero movie.
at the same time.
Xingmang has finally released the peripheral development rights.
It is worth mentioning that
Lin Yuan is the copyright owner of Spider-Man.
The company is just Lin Yuan’s entrusted agent.
Because peripheral development was an input that many people did not expect, it was not mentioned in advance in the contract. Therefore, Lin Yuan enjoyed the vast majority of peripheral profits.
Xingmang would not be stupid enough to have a conflict with Xianyu over such a thing.
The value of Xianyu is worth countless peripheral products!
The next few days.
Spider-Man peripherals were released, and many video bloggers posted videos of themselves wearing Spider-Man suits.
Or funny.
Or act cool.
Or just cosplay.
Most of these videos have received good responses, and a Spider-Man imitation craze has suddenly swept across!
Lin Yuan expected the movie to become popular, but the popularity of its peripherals and Spider-Man imitations was not within Lin Yuan’s expectation.
His idea is still too simple.
What happened next made Lin Yuan even more aware:
I really have no business acumen!
Although I obviously have a deeper understanding of Spider-Man, I didn’t expect how to fully develop Spider-Man’s peripherals.
The thing is like this
When the Spider-Man imitation craze began to spread, Gu Dong suddenly asked Lin Yuan: “The surrounding developers want to make a female Spider-Man suit. This requires your authorization. Can you accept it?”
This is what Lin Yuan ignored.
Marvel has a Spider-Man universe!
In the Spider-Man universe, there are several different Spider-Men.
They have men and women of different skin colors and even an animal spiderman
As a result, Lin Yuan, a man with advanced vision, did not think of developing peripherals for the female Spider-Man. Instead, the peripheral company thought of it for him!
It’s obvious that the peripheral company doesn’t know anything about the Spider-Man universe.
/How else can we say that businessmen’s minds are flexible?
It seems that when I have time, I should learn business thinking from Senior Yaohuo!
Of course Lin Yuan would not refuse.
He would not refuse anything that could make money without having to sell his body or soul. He even offered to personally participate in the design of the female Spider-Man’s suit.
Not just red!
Pink works too!
Black, of course, can’t be missing!
As a result, peripheral companies began to take action in a drastic way.
When the news was announced, Spider-Man fans were unhappy!
Are you kidding me?
Spider-Man is a man!
What kind of Spider-Man suit are you wearing?
Spider-Man, is that still Spider-Man?
The most fundamental gender has changed!
The loudest voices of resistance were male f

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