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he core of Nether and the Lord. It’s really too big. It can not only increase Xena’s combat power a hundred and a thousand times, but also control the Titan Soldier and the Sun God. It can also learn from it what happened to the Three-Eyed Clan after Xena fell asleep, and what happened to human beings. Are their ancestors really as powerful as they imagined? Who or for what reason was the ‘Original Sin’ seriously injured and fell into a deep sleep? The cause and effect of all this points to Easter Island, the three-eyed clan. The core of Lord Nether!


Jan 1, 2024

Therefore, for various reasons combined, the people here are probably going to move again soon.
/The people, as well as the six leaders who led them, seemed to know that Pei Jiao and others were leaving, so they searched around the town and found more than 300 vehicles of various types, filling them with food and necessities. These vehicles were piled up, waiting for Pei Jiao and others to leave, and they would also leave with them. But they didn’t know that Pei Jiao and others planned to fly back to China in an aircraft. How could they fly together with their cars? What about the past?
After Pei Jiao woke up from his dream, he couldn’t sleep again. The soul didn’t need to sleep anyway. The reason why he slept was just a subconscious behavior. So since he couldn’t sleep, he didn’t insist anymore and just looked at the sleeping place. Next to him was Xue Na, a little girl with her body half-bent, a smile on her face, and a trace of saliva flowing from the corner of her mouth. This look was really cute.
Pei Jiao smiled slightly, gently pulled the quilt next to him and put it on Xue Na. This little girl was always restless when sleeping, wandering around, and her hands and feet often kicked around, and most importantly What’s more, this little girl admires nature and always sleeps naked. Pei Jiao rubbed Xue Na’s little head speechlessly, then gently opened the door and walked out.
This is a three-story independent residence, which is relatively common in developed areas in Europe and the United States, especially in small towns with vast areas and sparsely populated areas. Because the town here has been emptied of people, so there is room for it. The buildings are enough for all the people to share, but because of their experience and experience, even though they know that there is absolutely no danger in this town, except for Pei Jiao and others who are looking for comfortable houses at will, the rest of the people actually insist on it. A simple camp was set up in the square, and more than 700 people gathered together at all times.
After Pei Jiao and others found a comfortable residence, Pei Jiao and Xue Na lived together, Gong Yeyu and Yu Neodymium lived together, and the rest lived separately. Of course, after everyone decided where to live, At that time, everyone looked at Pei Jiao really weirdly, as if they were looking at that weird uncle who is specifically looking for LOLI.
But Pei Jiao couldn’t tell the pain. Originally, everything is empty after death, so h

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