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ever, the battle formation was not cut off instantly as the people below thought. On the contrary, it was cut off in the battle formation. The black aura in his body rippled like flowing water. This lasted for about a second before the entire cutting formation was cut into two pieces directly from the place where he was cut. All the soul soldiers within the range of the cut had been cut. Cut into two pieces.


Dec 25, 2023

Although Gong Yeyu’s sword is indeed very powerful, the point is not this, but the battle formation arranged by the soul army. These hundreds of soul troops are indeed the strongest souls, but this is not one plus one. Equal to two, these hundreds of soul soldiers are not equivalent to the accumulation of hundreds of peak souls into one strong person.
/Just like an adult man can easily kill a dozen elementary school students, even if both parties have the same thoughts, it will not help. As long as both parties make no mistakes and have the same beliefs, then the slightest difference in strength will be a huge difference. , if a person’s speed, strength, reaction force, etc. are twice that of ordinary people, as long as he does not have the slightest sense of fighting, then he is enough to fight a dozen or even dozens of people by himself.
A person like Yu Neodymium has been trapped in fantasy land for more than a year. He eats obsession food three times a day plus snacks. In terms of physical fitness, it is only several times that of ordinary people. If you add in the power of telepathy, Within, or it can reach about ten times that of ordinary people. This is already a very terrifying data. If her combat awareness is slightly stronger, it will not be a problem for one person to massacre thousands of people in a small town, even with ordinary light firearms. No injury can hurt her.
The same is true for these soul soldiers. If the power of these hundreds of demonic peaks were condensed into one person, let alone combat awareness, combat skills and exercises, their own strength alone might not be as good as Gong Yeyu. But he won’t lose much to Pei Jiao, so he can’t be defeated so easily by Gong Yeyu.
This was how surprised everyone was when they saw Gong Yeyu slashing down with his sword, and the battle formation actually resisted for a moment. This battle formation obviously condensed part of the strength of hundreds of soul soldiers into one, otherwise it would be impossible to withstand it. Gong Yeyu’s sword was powerful, and based on this alone, the effectiveness of this battle formation was already a miracle.
/Compared with the surprise of ordinary people, Xue Na’s expression was simply shocked. She looked at the sky and murmured: “This is the text about union, connection, and equality in the Luna text. Oh my god, I didn’t expect the battle formation to be real.” We have already invented it. If we could have invented the battle formation back then, the number of battles would have increased several times. Oh my god.”
Having said this, Xue Na immediately shouted loudly: “Hey, that strange man, don’t kill t

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