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Pei Jiao’s sister Pei Daiwan is not home from school. The people he faces are Gong Yeyu and his girlfriend Yu Neodymium. In the dust, the two people hugged each other and laughed and played, not caring that they were in the hall, and not caring that Pei Jiao was sitting in front of them.


Dec 25, 2023

After Pei Jiao said these words, he saw that the two people in the distance ignored him at all. Instead, their love words there became even sweeter. Countless veins immediately appeared on his forehead, and he immediately clenched his fists and said: “If you want to make out, go back to your room! Stop doing things inappropriate for children in this hall!”
Gong Yeyu put away his smile and said seriously: “Well, I really haven’t experienced the journey of seeking truth before, but every time I fight with a real demon-level ghost, I feel that I am somewhat familiar with the ghost’s aura field and will. After that, my tolerance for obsessions will increase, and the quality of my obsessions will also increase. After I killed someone in the European war, I suddenly felt that those white people were really bullies and fearful of others. I It was time for you to be overbearing and teach them a lesson, and then you unknowingly had this domineering aura, and then you became a true demon-level powerhouse. That’s why I told you to follow your own heart, but you didn’t know The process of advancing from becoming a demon to becoming a true demon has been summed up by you personally. It is to feel and experience more emotions and wills, to exercise and wash away your obsessions, and finally to integrate the emotions or wills that are most consistent with your true heart. , such a process, if you hadn’t summarized it, I probably wouldn’t have known about it after I advanced to the Demon King.”
/Pei Jiao felt that his expression must be the symbol of 囧. He no longer knew how to describe Gong Yeyu. Should he say that he was stubborn? Or is it better to be a heartless fool? People who have advanced a long time ago still don’t know how they advanced. I guess being able to reach his level is considered a super talent.
At this moment, Yu Neochen, who was in Gong Yeyu’s arms, suddenly laughed and said: “These days, I have been thinking about what you said, which is what you said a few days ago after you entered the road of seeking truth.”
Pei Jiao’s eyes immediately lit up, and he quickly asked: “Oh? What are your guesses about the soul army plan? I also asked Yang Xuguang, and the results he guessed are consistent with my guesses. Very close. At least one thing we are sure of is that in order to become an army, the world government must at least have a way to generate free souls on a large scale, and no matter which method is used, it is likely to be inhumane, so”
However, Yu Neodymium shook his head and said with a smile: “I’m not talking about this matter, because no matter what the outcome of this matter is, I agree with what Ye Yu said, that is, when water comes, the soil will flood, and when soldiers come, they will stop it. Due to

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