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d then he said: “I know that you have been with those young people who only have ideals in their heads, but the situation has not been good recently, and I won’t allow it. You mess with them again.”


Dec 25, 2023

“I haven’t been to a party for a long time,” Lida defended.
/“I know, um -” the middle-aged man seemed to be hesitant to speak: “I think there are some things that we should wait until tonight.”
While the two were talking, they suddenly heard a lady’s voice: “Dear, haven’t you left yet? Lida, are you there too? I remember you went out early in the morning.”
“Mom, what are you going to do?” Lida’s tone sounded a little panicked.
“Someone gave me a bouquet of roses. I have to pick a suitable vessel and put it in it.” The voice was getting closer and closer to where Hel was hiding. As soon as he finished speaking, the door suddenly opened.
Hull saw a lady in her forties but still charming, standing at the door. From her facial features, she could tell where Leda inherited her beauty.
/The woman has beautiful blond hair and blue-grey eyes that make her look very serious. At this moment, she was looking at herself with a face full of surprise, her mouth slightly open, but she didn’t scream in surprise, which already impressed Hel very much.
Now that the matter had been revealed, Hull had no choice but to force out a smile. He knew without looking in the mirror that the smile on his face at this moment must look as cheap as possible.
As if it was a natural reaction, he glanced at the bouquet in the lady’s hand and found that the roses had not fully bloomed, and the color of the roses was very bright.
He glanced at the lady again and roughly judged her preferences based on the style of her clothes, accessories, and hat.
Hull took a light green glass vase from the shelf and handed it over——
What surprised him was that the lady actually reached out and took it, and then slammed the door of the utility room. The sound was so loud that Hull’s ears, which were much more sensitive than others, suffered a lot.
“Lida, come to my room tonight, I have something to tell you.” The lady’s voice came from outside the door, and her voice was more serious than that of the middle-aged man.
After everyone left, Hull quietly walked out of the utility room holding the drill.
After loading the last batch of parts onto the carriage, he felt as if his whole body was about to fall apart. At this moment, he heard a chuckle coming from behind him.
“You can still laugh.” Hel shook his head helplessly and asked: “Have you already thought about how to get through the night? Especially your mother, she has already seen me.”
Lida smiled and said: “I must admit that the scene just now was quite exciting. I originally thought that I might have to send you to the hospital next.”
“You’re not worried about your own affairs at all?” Hull asked.
“Actually, you don’t have to worry. After all, they only have me as their daughter, and an only child has many advantages. But you have to be particularly careful. Although they won’t do anything to me, th

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