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might even be a disaster.


Dec 25, 2023

In order to avoid the surveillance of the secret police, Hull simply closed his eyes.
A journey of more than 600 kilometers is quite long. Even if you run on such a flat track with no slope and few sharp turns, it will take more than ten hours. If you are riding a carriage, you will have to find a place to spend the night on the way. Traveling at night in a carriage is quite dangerous.
It is absolutely impossible for an ordinary carriage to maintain a high speed all the time. Even if the horse pulling the carriage can bear it, the carriage will be knocked apart. However, these rail trains do not have so much trouble, and there will be a station every dozens of kilometers. , while letting passengers board the train, the horses pulling the cart will be replaced, and the original horses will be taken down to rest. By the time the next train comes, they must have rested enough and fully recovered their strength.
/When parking, it is also a time for passengers to get off the train and rest. Hull and Gear sometimes get down and take a walk. Their carriages are not as spacious as Philip’s. When the train is moving, they can only sit in their own seats and remain motionless. , which is very easy to fatigue.
However, the two of them did not get off at every station. The parking time at those small stations was only a few minutes, not even enough time to walk around the platform. Only the parking times at the big stations were slightly longer.
There are only two major stations between Mellen and Poli, one of which is called Greske. It was already around five o’clock when the train arrived here. They will stay here for forty-five minutes to give passengers time to have a meal. dinner.
There is no restaurant on the platform. Fortunately, the station is also located in the city center of Gresk. After exiting the station gate, there are restaurants on both sides. Of course, in a place like this, it is impossible to find a luxurious aristocratic restaurant. I will dine here. , all travelers who had to fill their stomachs in a hurry within forty-five minutes.
A nobleman like Philip would not come here. In fact, Philip never got off the train once when it stopped at the platform.
Hull and Gear got off the train, walked out of the station, and found a seat in a small shop next to the station. They chose this place because there was a window at the back of the shop, and they could see the long strip from this window. of railroad tracks.
After sitting down, Hull ordered steak and grilled corn, and Gear ordered a lamb chop with yogurt.
The food was served very quickly in the shop. After only a few minutes of waiting, the waiter came out of the kitchen with the plate in hand.
The taste of the food cooked in the restaurant in Beru would definitely not have a good impression on the two Yafa people who grew up in Vansee, but the portion of the food was quite sufficient. The steak ordered by Hull was one inch thick and two It is palm wide and covered with thick gravy.
Looking at this dinner, Hull seemed

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