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Dec 23, 2023

“Since humans want to fight, let’s prepare for war! The order is passed. From now on, no weapons are allowed to be released to the human race, including all previous orders, and now all deliveries have been postponed.
MILF immediately sent people to contact all ethnic groups on the mainland to get them ready for war. Especially the elves need to pay more attention.
Warn them not to keep paddling, because if we can’t hold on, they can’t do it alone.
/The human race in the northern continent is the weakest. Not long ago, they were harmed by the orcs. They are in a period of weakness. Such a good opportunity cannot be missed.
This time they must hit the middle of the continent! ”
As he spoke, the dwarf king couldn’t help showing a hint of envy.
If the dwarves were not in the Four Battles, but in the Northern Continent where the human race was weak, they would definitely be able to make a comeback this time.
As long as it can destroy all the countries in the northern continent of the human race in one fell swoop and strategically threaten the human race countries in the middle, the strategic passivity of the alien alliance will be reversed.
“Lord Earl, reinforcements are coming!”
After staying up all night, he was woken up from his sleep just as he fell asleep. Hudson was also very angry. After a long while, he reacted.
Now that reinforcements have arrived, it means the beginning of a major counterattack. Governor Pierce, who has a full understanding of his own military capabilities, will naturally not make trouble for himself.
The last time he made a mistake in judgment on the grassland, causing serious damage to the vitality of the nobles in the province, everyone had opinions about him.
If another accident happens, no matter how deep-rooted the Dalton family is, they will not be able to withstand such a torment.
“I know, I’ll be there right away.”
Reinforcements arrived, and the overwhelmed city defenses collapsed under the successive attacks of the army of Warcraft.
The bloody light soared into the sky and was clearly visible for dozens of miles around. Even those who have not studied magic can feel the strong elemental aura.
“Magic crystal mine!”
Governor Pierce said coldly.
The murderous look in his eyes had revealed his true inner thoughts. Viscount Autumn on the side was even more frightened and trembling.
Magic crystal mine, a strategic resource, is not something that a young viscount can possess. It’s just a tiny magic crystal mine with low reserves.
But judging from the movement exposed in front of them, this is undoubtedly a large magic crystal mine. Viscount Autumn actually dared to hide and mine something that even a noble family like the Dalton family couldn’t swallow.
What’s more important is that this kind of private mining is not just a day or two, but may last for hundreds of years.
In order to cover up the mining activities, the county town was moved to the mine, and a magic circle was added to block the aura.
Obviously, Viscount Autumn also had great figures in his ancesto

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