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the dog’s cuteness and said in surprise:


Jan 2, 2024

“I love it! What’s its name?”
Mrs. An glanced at Professor An: “It’s called ‘Send Away Tomorrow’.”
Professor An smiled gently.
The daughter ignored her mother’s sarcasm towards her father, thought for a moment and said, “How about calling it Xiaoba?”
Professor An’s smile faltered.
Mrs. An’s hand that was making coffee suddenly paused, and then she looked through the window at the renovated kennel.
“Eight years.”
The daughter suddenly whispered: “It has been exactly eight years since Xiaoba passed away? Maybe he is the reincarnation of Xiaohei? He came to find us.”
Mrs. An’s expression was calm.
Professor An suddenly smiled: “Then let’s call it Xiaoba. What do you think, wife?”
“It’s up to you, it won’t be long anyway.”
Mrs. An left the steaming coffee, turned back to the room almost in embarrassment, and buried her head between the mattresses.
/After a while, Mrs. An stood up, opened the drawer, and took out a photo.
In the photo, there is a group photo of a family of three. At the feet of the three people is a dog.
It turns out that Professor An’s family also had a dog eight years ago, but due to some reasons, the dog passed away.
Mrs. An is unwilling to keep another dog because she is afraid of suffering another blow, or perhaps because the appearance of this dog will always remind her of her former pet.
“So that’s it.”
“This is the reason why Mrs. An doesn’t want to keep a dog.”
“I think I can understand? I once raised a cat, but then the cat ran away and was never found again. I cried about this for a long time, and since then I have not dared to raise a cat.”
“Mrs. An is not that annoying.”
“Because I had feelings for the dog in the past, I think I am so resistant to the new dog. This kind of mood is difficult for outsiders to understand.”
“Does Professor An bring the dog home to comfort his wife?”
“Of course a gentle man like him would be so attentive.”
The audience seemed to have some sympathy for Mrs. An, and this sympathy gradually covered Mrs. An’s indifference towards the dogs.
After naming his daughter, Professor An began to call the dog Xiaoba.
He tried to take the initiative to understand Xiaoba’s habits and play with him. During the day, when Professor An was playing the piano, Xiaoba would listen quietly or lick the sheet music on the piano.
The style of this movie is very light.
The story told is not too exciting.
However, the audience did not find it boring, but watched it with gusto, and the entire theater was filled with warmth and joy.
Everyone wants to believe that this is a story about a family that was comforted by the appearance of Xiaoba eight years after losing their beloved dog.
The movie uses a flashback technique in the way children tell stories.
Occasional slow motion, or long shots that add a sense of realism, as well as the natural pursuit of depth of field shots in romantic films, all tell the story of one person and one dog in the most peaceful way in the first twenty minutes.
The soundtrack begi

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