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iative. If we don’t kill the human race, we don’t know when the next time will be.


Dec 22, 2023

In his opinion, the Eagle Emperor is born of nature. He is used to doing evil things in secret, and he doesn’t dare to confront the human race head on.
Alex’s choice would be even simpler. In the last war, Emperor Behemoth’s cannibalization plan was implemented.
As the crown prince, if he overthrows his father’s strategy, wouldn’t he think that his position is too stable and want to find excitement?
“Everyone, no matter what the strategy is, we have to fight it out.
In my opinion, it is better to tear through the defense line of Moxi Principality first and annihilate their main force.
After solving these enemies, it will become easier to destroy the Principality of Moxi or change direction to attack the Warhammer Kingdom. ”
The Bear King said casually.
Looking at that lazy look, he doesn’t look like an emperor at all, but more like a lazy bear.
He does not have the ability to mediate the conflicts between the two parties. Coming up with a better strategy is also impossible.
/The only thing he is good at is He Xini, jumping out at critical moments to ease the conflicts between the two parties.
“Although the Terrence Defense Line in the Principality of Mossy is not as good as the Fort Augustus Defense Line, they now have heavy troops stationed there, so it will not be easy to take it down.
Unless we take the risk, cross their fortress and lead a large army to attack the city of Pest, forcing them to mobilize their main force for a decisive battle! ”
The Lion King on the side said with a sneer.
The border defense line of the Principality of Moxi also stretches for hundreds of miles. With such a long distance, it is naturally impossible for all of them to be fortresses.
In most areas, only city walls were built. Only at important passes and strategic locations were solid fortresses built.
As for other areas, there is only one castle set up five to ten miles away.
The defensive power can only be considered average. It can stop a small group of orcs, but it is only a matter of time before it encounters a large army and falls.
Theoretically, as long as the orc army is willing, it can break through the defense line at any time.
But the problem is that the fortress on the only road has not been captured, and the logistics may be cut off at any time.
Fight to feed war, just listen. If a fight really breaks out, you will find that the loot is far from keeping up with the consumption.
Even if the orcs are not picky about food, the consumption of more than 600,000 troops cannot be easily satisfied.
Even if food is not considered, some necessary supplies are still indispensable.
A sneak attack is based on the fact that the enemy is not prepared.
A well-prepared big city cannot be captured in three to five days.
/In the face of life and death, aristocrats and bureaucrats can also fight tooth and nail. The seemingly paunchy aristocratic gentleman can also kill people with a knife.
With the complete city defenses and various m

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