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ing to pay, spending money can produce elites. Even if the combat effectiveness is not as strong as the private army in Baron Hudson’s hands, it can still keep up with ordinary elites.


Dec 22, 2023

If you don’t create the established fact before they can react, you won’t know how many people will come out to mediate later.
It is easy to continue to sell face, but what about the future development of the territory? Without enough population, we can’t even feed our army. ”
A clear mind is a must. If you are not a home owner, you don’t know how expensive daily life is. If you want to support the three hundred elites in your hands, you can’t live without three to five thousand people.
This is just a theoretical state. In fact, the expenses of a noble are far more than just military expenses. Daily communication and human relationships are all gold-eating beasts.
If you have more children, the cost will be even greater. Daily practice, weddings and funerals are all a big expense.
It’s okay to live together regardless of the family separation. If the eldest son inherits the family business after separation, you can’t watch the younger sons go out to eat glutinous rice, right?
/The nobles in northern Xinjiang raised many soldiers because they faced the threat of foreign enemies and could only resort to violence without caring about the so-called noble face.
Everyone’s economic conditions are not sufficient, so they naturally keep everything simple in their daily lives. Not only has daily communication and human relations been reduced, but weddings and funerals have also been saved as much as possible.
If the nobles of the southeastern provinces give up their luxurious and comfortable life and join the nobles of the northern Xinjiang in militarizing, it will take only a few years for their military equipment to be improved.
An accidental misunderstanding affected Baron Kettle’s misjudgment of the strength of the nobles in the southeastern province, and also accelerated the progress of the battle to snatch people.
/Earlier, the local nobles looted the fiefdoms of the northern nobles, but now the situation has been reversed. The local nobles who originally had the upper hand quickly fell into a disadvantageous position in the head-to-head military struggle.
For a time, the two counties of Wright and Wyton were filled with smoke, and countless local nobles were unfortunately turned into prisoners, waiting for their families to pay ransom.
The Koslow family was also affected. The unlucky ones were not Baron Berio and Knight Guarente, who had just inherited the title and were in a period of weakness.
They were too content to keep to themselves and did not follow the trend to join the fight for people. With the strong support of the family, they were not involved in the turmoil for the time being.
On the contrary, Adrian Knight, who was doing well, was severely beaten by society and was taught by several neighbors to teach him how to behave. It was all caused by too much fun in the past, but now the situation is just changing.

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