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o a position with wide connections. With the platform provided by Hudson, it is difficult to have few friends.


Dec 22, 2023

The first time I came into contact with Baron Ezekiel was through selling weapons.
At that time, Baron Ezekiel also had a great time. He once organized a confrontation between the local nobles and the northern nobles who went south, and even took advantage of it.
It’s a pity that this good life did not last for a few days before it suffered a huge defeat. If it weren’t for the protection mechanism of nobles in the Aslant continent, he himself would be in disgrace.
This is the fate of a small noble. After one failure, Baron Ezekiel never got up from the quagmire.
Including the noble children of the North who used to be famous in the past, they have now become invisible to everyone!
It’s not that their abilities are weak, but that the opportunities of the times have passed. No matter how strong an individual’s ability is, he cannot compete with the general trend.
Unpopular with the royal government and hostile to the nobles of the southeastern provinces, in order to preserve his foundation, he had no choice but to join Hudson’s army in a low-key manner.
Including several people who had achieved military exploits, they were eventually exposed and accused of having liaisons with orcs. It was only because of Hudson’s intervention that they were able to “atone for their sins.”
Baron Ezekiel is better, he doesn’t have so much dark history, and he doesn’t attract much hatred. After the territorial military strength was wiped out, life was just a little bit harder.
/One step is slow, each step is slow.
If he doesn’t have enough strength in his hands, his subsequent military exploits will naturally not be his share. At most, after the troops’ victory, they would make some minor achievements in exchange for some verbal praise from the kingdom.
When they meet again, their status has been reversed. The salesman who once went around doing door-to-door sales has now become a baron.
Although the title was awarded by Hudson and its gold content was lower, he could not help but still hold an important position under Mr. Ha.
Whether it is social status or actual power, Baron Ezekiel is not comparable to it now.
After a few simple greetings, we got straight to the point.
“Your Excellency, the Near East is undergoing large-scale development. It should still need a lot of food, right?”
Baron Ezekiel asked slightly nervously.
He has been rejected many times in recent days. Neither the grain merchants nor the nobles who went to the Near East to open up wasteland had the intention to purchase grain.
“There is indeed a food gap in the Near East, but the demand may not be as great as you think.
The kingdom has agreed to collect taxes in kind, and the food required by the Near East garrison and frontline construction workers does not need to be purchased from outside sources.
If the money shortage crisis continues and everyone pays taxes in kind, the royal government may even have excess grain to sell.
Your Excel

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