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arl Pierce is really contributing to the war, rather than dealing with it perfunctorily.


Dec 22, 2023

Especially the earnest warning at the end is even more thought-provoking.
Conscience discovery?
/Or maybe it’s just pity for the lower class nobles?
No one can answer these questions. However, the tragic event of a war leading to the bankruptcy of aristocrats happens in almost every large-scale war.
Once they reach the edge of bankruptcy, the bottom line of the nobles will also break through in a straight line, and the speed of decline is beyond imagination.
The smarter nobles deceived the merchants into taking advantage of them. Mortgage all the property that can be pledged, and finally refuse to admit it.
Those who have no bottom line may even sell their children directly. It’s just that they are not selling their own children, but the children of the serfs.
The most stupid thing is to borrow money from the big nobles, or even mortgage the territory to borrow money. Once a debt becomes overdue, the consequences will never be better.
More nobles who were in financial difficulties still turned to relatives and friends to borrow debts. When it comes time to go bankrupt, all relatives and friends will be unlucky.
When something like this happens, everyone can only admit that they are unlucky. Even for the sake of their own reputation, they cannot jump out and add insult to injury. They can only allow the debt to be postponed indefinitely.
As one of the major creditors in the Southeast Province, Hudson felt a chill on the back of his head. Judging from the current situation, he is now very likely to become one of the unlucky relatives and friends who are implicated.
Those who owed Hudson debts, without exception, were all aristocrats with poor financial conditions.
Under normal circumstances, these guys with stable industrial income are high-quality customers. During the war, the situation changed.
The profits from the territory basically support the front line. If the nobles who are not wealthy have no gains on the battlefield, it will be difficult for them to persist until the end of the war.
When he thought of the dozens of debts that might be overdue, and the hundreds of thousands of gold coins that he was supposed to receive were about to be wasted, Hudson’s good mood suddenly disappeared.
“You have adapted so quickly. You are worthy of being the famous Knight of the Divine Bow. Hudson, it seems that you are really born for war!”
After leaving the conference hall, hearing Viscount Oran’s emotion, Hudson felt a toothache.
“Born for war” is an absolute slur. He is said to be like a disaster star. Wherever he goes, there will be war.
The invasion of the Alpha Kingdom by the orcs lasted for hundreds of years. It will explode with or without him, it’s not the butterfly effect of a time traveler.
/If it weren’t for the fact that the guy in front of him was his father-in-law and someone who couldn’t be offended, he would never be polite.
“Viscount Oran, that’s too much praise! Compared with you, I still have a long

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