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absolute strength gap cannot be reversed by winning one or two battles; but as long as the bet is lost once, the kingdom will be gone.


Dec 22, 2023

“Dear Viscount Hudson, this mobilization mission is too urgent. Can you ask the kingdom for it and wait until after the autumn harvest?”
Baron Kettle’s proposal was also what everyone wanted. According to the normal mobilization sequence, it will be next year at the earliest when it is everyone’s turn to go to the battlefield.
The sudden recruitment mission not only disrupted everyone’s plans for the territory, but also disrupted everyone’s troop training plans.
Despite what Hudson had said before, asking everyone to bring out elite troops, in fact Wright County simply could not muster 15,000 elite troops.
/Even if you add the Koslow family, you can only make up half of the elites at most, and the rest can only be filled with serf soldiers.
Considering the actual situation, it is impossible for the Koslow family to play stud, the nobles cannot go out in full force, and the number of elite soldiers will be even smaller.
Elite soldiers are not trained in a day, but the autumn harvest can be seen immediately. Even if we are going to the battlefield, we can’t forget the food in the fields.
“I’m very sorry, Baron Kettle. The war in the Principality of Moxi is tense. The orc army has completely occupied the defense line of Fort Augustus, and its troops are pointing directly at Terence City.
With the power of the Moxi Principality, no one can guarantee how long it can last. In order to help our allies stabilize the front, we must set off as soon as possible.
Everyone can rest assured that we are not the only ones in Wright County who are sending troops to reinforce the Principality of Moxi. The six major provinces in the southeastern region of the empire will allocate troops from one county to participate in the war.
In other neighboring countries, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is also coordinating. At least the countries bordering the Principality of Moxi will not sit idly by.
Preliminary estimates indicate that the total number of troops from various countries to reinforce the Principality of Moxi will not be less than 500,000. Coupled with the existing military strength of the Principality of Moxi, it is still very promising to stop the orc army. ”
/Hudson struggled to draw a path.
Alpha Kingdom’s reinforcements are certain, but whether other countries will send reinforcements and what kind of troops are all unknown.
The so-called 500,000 reinforcements is just a number randomly made up to increase the confidence of the younger brothers.
True or false is not important, the key is that everyone needs some comfort in their hearts. The small amount of troops that Wright County put into the battlefield was just a drop in the ocean.
If you are not careful, your entire army will be wiped out. Even if the Alpha Kingdom’s front line is well prepared, it is not unheard of for all the organized county soldiers to be wiped out.
Not to mention the Principality of Moxi. Except for a

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