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d Zhang Ziang. Naturally, there was no opportunity to exchange information.


Dec 22, 2023

d Zhang Ziang. Naturally, there was no opportunity to exchange information.
Obviously, now is such an opportunity to exchange information.
/I said: “I didn’t kill Su Jingnan, as for who Killed, I don’t know. ”
Later, I tried hard to recall the scene at that time. I found that many things were very abnormal. Although Fan Zhen said that a perverted person like Su Jingnan was easier to control, at that time, his ability was stronger than mine. There were a lot of them, so it was impossible for him not to be aware of anything when I contacted him about his residence. I am still certain of the fact that he must be under the influence of drugs, so when I arrived at his bedside, he was still sleeping until She woke up only after I had strangled his neck.
If Su Jingnan had not died, then in today’s situation, even if I escaped, my identity would have been replaced, and my identity had already been replaced. Once, it was precisely because of this change of identity that I came up with the idea of ??killing Su Jingnan, because at that time I noticed that if he did not die, I would be the one who was going to die. There can only be one real person, and there is At that time, many people didn’t care whether it was the real one, they only cared about which one could stay in the end.
So in that incident, he replaced my identity and became He Yang. Later, I killed him and got it from him. I replaced my own identity. From that time on, I became seriously aware of a problem. Sometimes it is too difficult for you to prove that you are yourself, even if you are the real one.
Fan Zhen seems to have no idea about this problem. Without being too concerned, he said: “No matter who killed it, it ultimately benefited us and solved the most potentially fatal dilemma for you, so now you have nothing to worry about. ”
Although Fan Zhen said this, I still searched for the possible murderer in my mind, but it was in vain.
Finally, I brought the topic back to the topic and asked, “Since you want to see me, then naturally you don’t just want to talk to me about this one thing. What are the other things?”
Fan Zhen said: “In addition to telling you this, I also want to confirm something with you face to face.” I
heard Fan Zhen’s tone suddenly become serious, so naturally I didn’t dare to neglect, knowing that this Having already talked about business, some of the doubts in his mind were temporarily suppressed, and he asked him: “What doubts?”
Fan Zhen said: “You have met Man Tianguang twice, has he ever mentioned anyone to you?”
I Continue to ask: “Who?”
Fan Zhen said: “I don’t know who this person is, but I know that such a person exists. I just want to hear the truth from you, because you are the only one who has ever talked to Man Tianguang. Has he ever mentioned that person?”
When I heard Fan Zhen talking about a person and couldn’t give a name or even a description, what I immediately thought of was my mother’s words. My mission was to find a person who she also I don’t know who it is, but I will know it naturally when

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