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once, but this time it can swallow up half of the blood in the whole body.


Dec 11, 2023

David felt that his whole body came to life. If the previous ‘demigod body’ was a one-time weapon, although it was powerful, it had no lasting power.
Now, with the support of this golden flame divine blood, the ‘demigod’s body’ has a steady stream of power.
Until now, David was truly considered a demigod, able to continuously exert his demigod energy.
David stretched out his hand, mobilized the ‘Rule of Destruction Energy’ and squeezed it hard, and there was an explosion in the space. When he let go, a little space crack appeared between his palms.
The black dragon Alexis quickly used the ‘power of the black dragon’ to surround David so as not to affect other places in the underground space.
“Sir, is this the power of the ‘Rule of Destruction’?” Black Dragon Alexis asked in surprise.
The black dragon Alexis has long been used to David’s specialness and magic, but what happened in front of him still surprised him.
Breaking open space is the patent of gods. Only gods can achieve this kind of attack power.
Even the black dragon Alexis needs to use the sharpest dragon claws to tear apart space.
/But what did David just do? Just by clenching his fist hard, a space crack was created in the palm of his hand.
Although the crack in the space is extremely small, breaking the space is breaking the space.
“I feel like I can break everything!” David said in a deep voice without trying again.
“Sir, you’d better hide some of your strength. If you reveal the power of the ‘Rule of Destruction’, I’m worried that the gods of war will be afraid of your growth and break the divine agreement to attack you!” Black Dragon Alexis reminded.
Black Dragon Alexis’s suggestion was helpless. David’s attack power was indeed very powerful, but David was still only a demigod, and David’s defense power was still too weak.
Without forming a 100% energetic divine body, it is impossible to fight the gods by relying on the ‘demigod body’.
The body of a god is normally one to two hundred meters in height, and the reason why the ‘body of a demigod’ is called a demigod is because half of the body of a demigod is still an ordinary life form.
Demigods can only maintain their original size. David, for example, can only remain the same as before, with a height of about two meters to fight gods of one to two hundred meters. No matter how strong his attack power is, it will only damage the god’s body a lot at most. Smaller, and as long as the gods attack David, David will fall.
The key is that no matter whether it is a god or a god, you can use a wide range of attacks. Although a wide range of attacks will weaken the attack power, it is enough to deal with demigods.
/If the God of War and other five gods saw the real attack of the demigod-level David, they would never let David grow.
Although violating the divine agreement to deal with David will result in certain punishment, if David’s future threat exceeds this punishment, the five gods will definitely take action to de

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