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Dec 11, 2023

Although Lord Arthur made the characteristics of the ‘Air-eating Tick’ very clear, Speaker Gould was still horrified to see the destroyed space door with his own eyes.
Since the space gate appeared, Speaker Gould has also tried to destroy it, but let alone destroy it, even if he wanted to shake it, he couldn’t do it.
And I heard that even if the gods want to destroy this space door, they can’t do it. Maybe there are gods who can do it, but the price paid is not worth the gods’ action.
/The space gate bears the dual world rules of the divine world and the Zerg world. The stable space channel formed after the space energy is solidified. If you want to break the world rules, it will affect the two world rules at the same time.
As for the ‘space-eating ticks’, they are a special kind of existence. They regard space energy as food, skipping the process of confronting the rules of the world, and directly act on the solidification of the space gate itself.
But the ‘air-eating ticks’ also paid a huge price for this. Every time they swallowed a small amount of solidified space energy, they paid for it with their lives.
The space gate on this side of the Divine World has been cleared, and all the knights have retreated into the Space Temple, under the protection of the Space Temple.
The clone of the demigod ‘Holy Spirit Knight’ did not enter the Space Temple, but exited the area surrounded by the Space Temple.
Although the God of War has no objection to the clone of the demigod Holy Knight, David must also consider the feelings of the God of War. He cannot let the clone of the demigod Holy Knight enter the temple as a traitor. among.
“Increase defensive energy!” Archbishop Ambrose ordered in a deep voice.
The breath of space energy coming from the space door made Archbishop Ambrose feel the danger.
The fourteen space temples simultaneously increased the input of the power of faith, and the massive power of faith was transformed into an energy barrier to block the space gate and the space temple.
/The cracks on the space door turned into cracks, and the small cracks turned into larger cracks.
The cracks in the space door seemed to have reached a certain limit, and the solidified space energy collapsed instantly.
The violent space energy impacts outward from the space door, and everything in its path is annihilated and disappears.
Fortunately, there are no knights in the divine world. All that has been wiped out is the paved ground. Even if it is protected by the energy of the Space Temple, even if the materials used on the ground are extremely strong, it cannot block the explosion of the space gate.
Starting from the space gate, as the shock wave of space energy is emitted, the ground wherever it passes is directly swallowed up by the space energy and disappears.
Fortunately, the explosion of the space gate did not spread too far. It just wiped out everything within a kilometer of the surrounding area and then stopped.
“This is space turbulence, I finally saw it with my own eyes!” Archbishop Ambrose couldn

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