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l of the fifth-level Bishop Graton, then the soul of the fifth-level Bishop Graton will always exist in the small world of the ‘Forest Mother Goddess’.


Dec 11, 2023

The ‘Forest Mother Goddess’ threw the fifth-level Bishop Graton, and a special plant grew rapidly on the ground, just in time to catch the fifth-level Bishop Graton.
There is a huge flower in the center of this plant. The fifth-level Bishop Graton falls into the flower, leaving only his head outside.
The flowers secreted a variety of toxins. These toxins made the fifth-level Bishop Graton feel numb and itchy all over his body for a while, a bone-shattering pain for a while, burning like fire for a while, and like falling into ice for a while.
These toxins did not cause the death of the fifth-level Bishop Graton, or even injuries, but they continued to torture the fifth-level Bishop Graton.
/The ‘Forest Mother Goddess’ will not let the fifth-level Bishop of Graton die so easily. She needs to use the fifth-level Bishop of Graton to restore the shame of blasphemy. This process will be very long.
David left the small world of the ‘Forest Mother Goddess’. Leaving the small world will only appear near the small world. Unlike wanting to enter the small world, as long as he has the control power of the small world, he can enter the small world at any time. aisle.
“Gould, this is a piece of information. Activate the intelligence network of the Supreme Council to find them. Don’t alert the snake. Notify me immediately after you find it!” David added two Level 5 information to the information provided by the followers of the ‘Forest Mother Goddess’. The bishop’s message was sent through the lord-level contact array and he left a message.
“I will arrange for people to follow up with all my strength. Are you going to attack that person?” Speaker Gould immediately replied after receiving the news.
Speaker Gould looked at the two fifth-level bishops in the document, fifth-level Bishop Jervis and fifth-level Bishop Lockhart. The information not only contained their introductions, but also detailed descriptions of their facial features and frequently appearing areas. illustrate.
Speaker Gould did not doubt whether David had the strength to deal with the ‘God of Death’. You must know that the ‘God of Shadows’ had been killed by David himself, otherwise where did David’s ‘God Killer’ aura come from!
“I got some information, just in time to teach the ‘God of Death’ a lesson!” David said, calling God by his name indifferently.
“I can’t help you much with the battle, but there is absolutely no problem with the intelligence!” Speaker Gould said helplessly.
Even if he becomes a legendary knight, even if he adds all the legendary knights from the Supreme Council to form a legendary knight battle formation, he will not be able to help David deal with the ‘God of Death’ in terms of combat power. Speaker Gould has his own abilities in this regard. Know the name.
It would take some time for the information to come out. David used his ‘Sky Breaking’ talent to return to Garmi. He conti

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