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of defensive divine patterns, the defensive power of the artifact armor can reach the level of high-level artifacts.”‘ Forest Mother When Shen’ talked about professional matters, his expression started to lighten up.


Dec 11, 2023

In the Age of Gods, the ‘Forest Mother Goddess’ had never obtained such good god-level materials to make artifacts.
Of course, the artifacts he made were never his own; they were all made for other gods, and he was just the processor.
“These two divine materials can be used to make artifact long swords.” ‘Forest Mother Goddess’ pointed at the two divine blades from the ‘Blade Mantis Emperor’ and introduced.
/Even if the god-level blade is not remade, it is still the best material that can be held in the hands of a god-level weapon and used as a god-level weapon.
The eyes of the ‘Forest Mother Goddess’ looked at the faintly flashing mysterious patterns on the god-level blades. It was impossible to imagine how these pair of god-level blades were part of the divine body, and how the demigod Arthur could obtain them.
“As for this pair of wings, I found that the patterns on the wings have acceleration and illusion effects. I can decompose the wings and add a pair of wings to each set of god-level armor, which can increase the acceleration and illusion effects of the artifact armor. !” The ‘Forest Mother Goddess’ finally said, pointing to the pair of wings obtained from the ‘Skyfire Butterfly Emperor’.
“Just make it according to your design. If the materials are not enough, just tell me and I will find a way!” David nodded and said.
Anyway, in the Zerg world now, David doesn’t have to worry about the Zerg god level at all. As long as he is careful, he can do whatever he wants.
He doesn’t believe that those Zerg god-level ones will carry all their collections with them. If necessary, he can search for Zerg god-level collections everywhere in the Zerg world.
“Sir, there are enough materials. The materials here are enough to make twenty pieces of artifact armor and six artifact swords!” ‘Forest Mother Goddess’ explained quickly.
The god-level materials David took out were all from the Zerg god-level bodies. Although these Zerg materials were transformed, they had also been strengthened by divine power for countless years.
Perhaps for gods in other worlds, divine power is precious, but for the gods of the Zerg world, divine power is inexhaustible and does not need to be too precious.
Therefore, in the process of strengthening the divine body, even if you know that some parts of the divine body will naturally fall off, you will still strengthen them casually.
With the Zerg god-level body shape, the materials produced are all huge.
When gods make artifacts, they will never make them according to their strongest form. That would be too wasteful and require too many materials. It would be extremely difficult to even make an artifact like that.
Therefore, the gods only need to make much smaller artifacts when making artifacts, and use the ‘shrinking divine pattern’ to enlarge them to a size that the god

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