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‘s extraordinary spaceship. Kaser’s extraordinary butler was the only weapon master that David had seen before.


Dec 11, 2023

Unexpectedly, he saw four weapon masters here. If the intelligent core had not displayed this information, David might have fallen into the hands of the four weapon masters if he was not careful.
As for the identities of these four weapons masters and the information about the top leaders of the mercenary group, he didn’t care too much.
Now that he knew the existence of these four weapon masters, David naturally would not choose to send them directly to his door.
David also knew why his position was exposed. The battleship’s scanning device had many modes, and he could be discovered with just a life scan.
It’s just that now that the battleship’s scanning device is under David’s control, these soldiers can’t find him in this way.
Even so, David did not dare to take it lightly, because looking at the location and direction of the nearly two hundred soldiers, an encirclement circle had been arranged for him.
/David looked at the countdown of a program on his visor and had a plan in mind.
“Soldiers with big shields, come forward. If you get closer from behind, don’t keep distance. There is only one enemy who is good at sneak attacks. Don’t give him a chance!” The temporary captain of the twelve-soldier team shouted an order in the team channel.
These twelve soldiers were composed of two groups of soldiers, just to prevent David from sneak attacks.
Although there were as many as twelve soldiers, the temporary captain was not at ease at all. Before the communication was normal, as the temporary captain of the team, he obtained David’s previous battle information.
The top elite groups of soldiers in the Thunder Mercenary Group were almost wiped out. The news only reached his level and was not known to other ordinary soldiers.
On the one hand, it is to stabilize the morale of the military, but on the other hand, it is also afraid of unnecessary chaos.
Although the soldiers of the Thunder Mercenary Group are well-trained, they are not an army after all, and their discipline is still much looser than that of the army.
In particular, not all soldiers are retired from the military, or did not serve in the main army before retiring. Relatively speaking, once these soldiers know that the enemy is too strong, they are likely to be wary or even withdraw from the battle.
The temporary captain could only make all the soldiers understand the danger of the situation through constant reminders and loud scoldings.
/Currently, twelve soldiers are walking in a passage. The passage is very bright, and you can see clearly from the front and back. This is the most difficult environment to be attacked.
So despite the temporary captain’s loud reminder, the soldiers in the team still took it a little lightly.
Suddenly, all the lights in the passage were extinguished, and then a green light appeared from the wall in the darkness, flashing continuously among the soldiers.
Since all the soldiers’ visors were lowered, their

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