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world this time will be the last time He lifts up his own small world.


Dec 11, 2023

Putting aside this bad thought, the ‘God of Death”s eyes became firm again.
/He looked at the battle star, where there was a huge population, and everyone had good combat power.
As long as the small world is sent there and occupied, the ‘God of Death’ can have a large number of believers.
And if his calculations are correct, this is the intersection of the three worlds, and the five gods cannot attack the battle star with all their strength.
As for the remaining interstellar federation, the ‘God of Death’ doesn’t care at all.
If it were within the Interstellar Federation, relying on the power of the ‘Doomsday Weapon’, perhaps the ‘Reaper’ would still be concerned, but the battle star is not within the interstellar federation world, and the power of the ‘Reaper’ here is not much restricted.
/Of course, the entire plan is highly uncertain and involves risks.
But the ‘God of Death’ has no retreat in the great world of gods. The disintegration of ‘Twilight of the Gods’, the loss of a large number of his followers, and the large amount of power of faith he consumed before, the best result for him is to sleep for thousands of years. The small world collapses.
The ‘God of Death’ is not willing to disappear like this. Although attacking the battle star is risky, there will still be a glimmer of hope.
“Discover the divine energy, discover the divine energy!” A patrol fleet of the Interstellar Federation first discovered the ‘Death’ that was carrying the small world forward. The alarm system sounded in the ship and was also transmitted back to the headquarters.
Admiral Adams holds the information on the battle star. According to the analysis by federal researchers through the super-intelligent system, the fifth-level combat force fully stimulating energy on the battle star will cause chaos in the local energy of the battle star.
The higher the level of energy, the more intense the energy chaos it causes.
It’s hard to imagine what kind of consequences it would cause if a god came to the battle star in person.
The location of the battle star is very special. It is the center where the three worlds meet. It is affected by the overlapping influence of the three worlds, has endless resource regeneration capabilities, and is also extremely dangerous.
Some researchers have even predicted that once the battle star is destroyed, it is very likely to trigger a chain reaction in the three worlds, posing a great threat to the three worlds.
So even though he knew that the patrol fleet would die if it faced the gods, Admiral Adams still hoped to stop the gods from moving forward and buy some time.
Because the ‘Reaper’ is located on the side of the divine world, the ‘Doomsday Defense Line’ composed of ten artificial planets on the side of the Interstellar Federation cannot attack the ‘Reaper’.
If you want to attack the ‘Reaper’, the ten artificial planets need to move into the outer space of the battle star and find a suitable angle.
This takes time. Al

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