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he younger brothers are cold, his life as the boss will also come to an end. If such a big thing happens, someone has to take the blame.


Dec 21, 2023

For the sake of the stability of the Holy See, we cannot pin the blame on the powerful ones, and we can only blame the weak ones.
If we really look into the responsibility, Pius VII is the biggest responsible person. As a pope, he can’t even keep the inherited artifacts, which is the biggest stain.
/It’s just that this is a matter left over from history. The artifact was not lost in the hands of this leadership team of the Holy See. They were also tricked by their ancestors.
“Your Majesty, Bishop Sauron is right, we really have no choice now.
The navy has suffered heavy losses, and there are foreign races blocking the way on land. Once we confront the Five-Nation Alliance, the military power we can invest in the past is extremely limited. ”
Commander Blake stepped forward to persuade him.
Perhaps it was due to the unfavorable times that the major factions in the Holy See had been having bad luck in turn in recent years. If something happens to you today and something happens to me tomorrow, there will be a lot of dirt on each other.
When everyone has black materials, then these black materials will no longer exist. Even if there is trouble, everyone will make it a big deal and make it a trivial matter.
If this was really dealt with seriously, none of the senior members of the Holy See present would be able to escape unscathed.
After a lot of tossing, there was a tacit understanding between them. Political struggle is political struggle, and international troubles cannot be used as a reason to criticize political opponents.
“That’s it!”
“Now is the time for the Holy See to employ people, so there is no need to make meaningless sacrifices. The dioceses in the central and northern continents should be temporarily abandoned, and the unstable areas in the southern continent should also shrink!
All withdrawn manpower will be reviewed one by one. I want everyone to know that the Holy See is not a place for evil and evil.
After confirming that there are no problems, we will assign them to the Kingdom of Ruthenia to strengthen our control over the local area. ”
Pius VII sighed and said.
No one can tell whether this step back will lead to the vast sea and sky, or whether it will lead to the abyss of hell.
But there is no way. With the current strength of the Holy See, it really cannot support its monopoly on mainland religions.
The result of strategic contraction is that neighbors are hurt. We must find ways to make up for the losses in various parts of the mainland.
The declining Kingdom of Ruthenia unfortunately became a victim.
Crescent Harbor has become more and more prosperous after the Grassland War. The shops and real estate in the city were robbed by business travelers from all over the mainland.
The greatest significance of the Grassland War to the Alpha Kingdom was not that it severely damaged the Orc Empire, but the confidence that the war brought to the citiz

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