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en from the look in his eyes that there is definitely no good thing in hosting this sacrifice.


Dec 21, 2023

Facing the masked man’s piercing gaze, the old man in gray robe finally did not dare to refuse, and replied with a trembling body: “Yes, Holy Lord!”
If you look carefully, you will find a pool of mysterious liquid on the ground. He was so frightened that he lost control of his body and did not dare to refuse. Obviously, the Skeleton Lord in front of him was also a ruthless person, and the consequences of refusal would most likely be worse than hosting a sacrifice.
Looking at the boundary monument in front of him, Hudson was suddenly attracted by the three words “Maple Leaf Town”. This was the meeting point agreed upon by everyone in advance.
Calculating the time, the robbery team should have arrived long ago. After all, the grain transport team was delayed for a day because of the enemy attack.
“Send the order and let the vehicle carrying the injured go to the front of the queue.”
Hudson ordered sadly.
Merging with the main force means that the safety factor is increased, and it also means that the number of troops he can command will be significantly reduced.
Who would dislike having too many soldiers when they don’t need to pay for it themselves? Hudson really didn’t want to give up this unit if possible.
It’s a pity that the reality is cruel. Serf soldiers are the private property of nobles. How can they be allowed to occupy them?
If you return the command obediently, you can still retain some goodwill, but if you make trouble, you will only ask for trouble.
Even though he has to be sent back, it is still necessary to suffer miserably. How to highlight his contribution as a Hudson Knight without specifically emphasizing it.
Especially for the benefit of everyone, he gave up the efforts of Earl Pierce and turned away the “fief baron” he obtained.
The team advanced slowly, and looking at the familiar tents appearing on the horizon, Hudson secretly breathed a sigh of relief.
The robbery team arrived on time, which meant that no accident occurred and the situation was still under control. It also meant that his choice was correct.
“Hudson, something happened on the road? Is there any loss of food, grass, ordnance?”
/Chelsea asked concerned.
“Don’t worry, Uncle Chelsea. We were just ambushed by elite rebels on the road, but they were repelled by my troops.
There was indeed a considerable loss of grain, grass and ordnance, but overall it was still within control. For the sake of achieving results, it was enough to cover up the problem.
After Hudson finished explaining the cause and effect of the incident, everyone’s expressions became solemn. Being targeted by a powerful count is not a good thing.
Especially when they take the initiative to provide excuses, allowing the other party to take advantage of them. Fortunately, Hudson was loyal enough and didn’t betray them, otherwise he would have shed his skin this time.
But anyone with a discerning eye knows that since Count Pierce has taken action, things will

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