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initely be digested again in two months. Maybe it won’t be that long. After all, it is just the starting sequence. Forsi reluctantly smiled:


Dec 21, 2023

“I understand, the best way is still to digest it through acting.”
“The Hanged Man” Alger gave a positive answer:
“This is true in Sequence 7 and below.”
After a year and a half, two years, three years, five years and six years, having a baby might be a simpler plan, he added in his mind.
The scene was quiet for a few seconds as both women digested the knowledge they had just gained.
To Derrick “The Sun”, this was all common sense. He adjusted his sitting posture and said:
“I have been assigned to explore again.”
“Where to explore?” “The Hanged Man” Alger asked sideways.
“It’s still the half-destroyed temple of the Fallen Creator.” Derrick replied without any seriousness.
It sounds like there is a certain degree of safety guarantee. “Justice” Audrey did not interrupt.
/“The Hanged Man” thought for two seconds and said:
“Elder Shepherd is still in the dungeon”
“Yes, this exploration is led by the chief.” “The Sun” did not hide anything.
“In this way, the risk level is much lower than last time. You can give it a try.” “The Hanged Man” Alger couldn’t help but glance at Mr. “Fool” again.
Unable to read any meaning from the other person’s blurry eyes, he continued to say to Derrick “The Sun”:
“This should be the last inspection before the surveillance is completely lifted.
“The message you sent out before was that Amon and the Fallen Creator are mortal enemies. They will not hesitate to expose themselves and destroy each other’s plans. During this exploration of the Temple of the Fallen Creator, as long as you don’t show any abnormalities, the six people will The council can basically determine that you are no longer affected by Amon.”
Mr. “The Hanged Man” is really experienced, as if he was planning this action, Derrick the Sun remembered it firmly, and asked instead:
“Besides this, what else should I pay attention to?”
At the top of the long bronze table, the “Fool” who was watching quietly spoke:
“Flesh and blood, gibbering.”
Klein only gave two words and let the Tarot Club members figure out the rest.
This is the style of a great man.
“The Hanged Man” thought seriously for a few seconds and said to “The Sun” who had thanked Mr. “Fool”:
“To be specific, don’t look at things you shouldn’t see, listen to things you shouldn’t hear, eat things you shouldn’t eat, and touch things you shouldn’t touch.”
“Which ones should not be seen or heard?” Derrick “The Sun” asked in confusion.
“The Hanged Man” lowered his voice and said:
“Once you enter the temple, everything falls into this category.”
“Then how should I explore?” Derrick asked in shock.
“The Hanged Man” laughed:
“Aren’t there other team members, aren’t there also the chief?”
Sure enough, it was Mr. “The Hanged Man’s” style. “Justice” Audrey subconsciously wanted to reach out and cover her face, but the education and habits engraved in her bones made her know that such an action was not elegant, so s

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