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alternately. There are too many opportunities to come into contact with different groups of people. In this way, maybe a certain dinner party is a cover for an extraordinary gathering, maybe the teacher of the music class is a senior extraordinary person, and it is almost impossible to investigate the psychological alchemy club that hides in the dark and cannot act openly. impossible.


Dec 21, 2023

Speaking of this, Audrey asked slightly curiously:
“Teacher Esilante, I originally thought you wouldn’t sell the wind-blessed potion formula. It’s already at the Sequence 6 level.”
“Haha, it might be more useful to us if we have the opportunity to spread it.” Islant replied vaguely.
In her heart, although Miss Audrey is a new member who is highly valued by the organization, she is still a new member and there are many things she cannot know.
Why? Audrey suppressed her doubts, smiled sweetly, and asked innocently:
“Teacher Esilante, if this transaction succeeds, can it be counted as my contribution?”
Esilante suddenly laughed:
Klein was “busy” for another whole morning. It wasn’t until he returned to Minsk Street, filled his stomach, and prepared to rest that he had the free time and opportunity to go above the gray fog to listen to prayers.
Miss Justice also has human-skin shadow properties. It’s really, either not to come, or to get two copies of “Psychological Alchemy Society” as a secret organization with fairly qualified resources. Klein suddenly fell into the happiness of how to choose. in trouble.
Although including the 500 pounds that “The Hanged Man” has not yet given, he only has 1,335 pounds in cash, but this does not prevent him from seriously considering the transaction request of the Psychological Alchemy Society.
After thinking for more than ten seconds, he first conveyed the words of “justice” to the “Hanged Man” to see what choice the other party would make.
/Alger Wilson, the “Hanged Man” who still had 3,000 pounds in Bountiful City, the capital of the Rhoad Islands, seemed to have been hit hard by someone.
After obtaining the “Blue Avenger” and becoming the captain, he sometimes acted as a pirate and sometimes appeared as a law enforcer. He secretly wiped out several groups of pirates, but even so, the total value of the loot obtained did not exceed 2,000 pounds, of which Part of it has to be distributed to the sailors below. Of course, this does not include the captured ships and artillery, which must be handed over to the Church of Storms.
This made Alger often sigh that most pirates were actually not rich. They were accustomed to a life of squandering as soon as they harvested. Spirits, barbecue, prostitutes, marijuana and gambling drained the pirates’ money bags.
Unless he met a pirate team with extraordinary people, it would be difficult to become rich. Alger took a few steps back and forth and quickly made up his mind.
/He took out a gold-like mask from the pocket of his clothes.
There are roughly outlined facial features on the mask, and their appearance is very characteristic of

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