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Dec 21, 2023

The illusion was broken, and all the generals fell silent. Hudson put too much pressure on them, and no one was sure of the actual performance.
“We have too few mobile cavalry at our disposal, and it will be difficult to capture the enemy’s expeditionary legion.
Hudson is the most cunning in using troops. He has set up camp at the current location, fearing that he has set up a trap for us to exploit.
Calculating the distance, it would only take a few hours for the enemy cavalry in the pass to come out to respond.
With such a distance, they can just cross the border. The few troops we deployed cannot stop them from breaking through!
Perhaps the enemy just wants us to mobilize our troops all night and night to disrupt the original strategic deployment and create opportunities for the defenders to attack. ”
The Silver Moon Wolf Emperor said without much interest.
Compared with five years ago, the combat effectiveness of the Orc Empire’s cavalry has been severely weakened. The number of elites is less than one-third of its peak, and the decline is far more serious than that of the infantry.
The orc empire of the past, with a million armors and 300,000 cavalry, overwhelming the three kingdoms of the Northern Continent, is a thing of the past.
Several of the empire’s most elite cavalry regiments were brought to the rear by Duke Daniel, and they were still on their way here.
Although there are still several cavalry regiments on the front line, they are distributed in various places, and only two can rush to the battlefield immediately.
No matter how confident a general is, he cannot guarantee that two cavalry legions can stop the expeditionary legion.
The lack of troops is not because the orcs cannot mobilize more troops to participate in the war, but because logistics limits their deployment of troops.
/The cavalry is much more expensive than the infantry. Three hundred thousand cavalry are forcibly mobilized. Not to mention the uneven levels of combat effectiveness, logistics alone can overwhelm the current Orc Empire.
In order to reduce logistical pressure, they have captured many human fortresses in recent days, but have gained very little.
The main source of food harvested on the battlefield is actually the corpses of our own people. The biggest benefit brought by siege turned out to be that the number of troops was reduced, which eased the logistical pressure.
At this point in the war, for the Orc Empire, intercepting the expeditionary legion was actually secondary. How to solve the logistics problem was the key.
“Since the enemy likes to use conspiracy, then he will use his tricks. Deliberately deploy troops to disrupt the deployment and induce the enemy’s main force to come out for a decisive battle!
Dozens of tribes in the rear were destroyed, and there was a huge gap in the strategic materials to be raised in the plan. It will be difficult for us to fill the gap in a short period of time.
/Due to insufficient supply of strategic materials, we can only passively reduce the numbe

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