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ry first. With the current development status of the Maple Leaf Territory, it is difficult to maintain a balance of payments.


Dec 21, 2023

“Uncle Holman, where has the slave sent by the family arrived, and how long will it take to arrive?”
Baron Kettle asked with concern.
Insufficient labor force has become the most critical factor restricting the development of Maple Leaf Collar. Since he couldn’t get enough livestock and serfs, he could only think of orc slaves.
“Counting the days, we should be almost entering the territory of the Southeast Province now, and we will be able to deliver it to the territory in ten days and a half at most.
But Ketele, these orc slaves are not that easy to manage. Without some training, it is difficult to make them obedient.
Moreover, the slaves sent by the family this time included dozens of races, so language communication alone was a big problem.
For the convenience of management, we must screen out the races suitable for farming as soon as possible, and find ways to deal with the rest! ”
Knight Holman said murderously.
As a knight coming off the battlefield, the most important thing is decisiveness in killing. The conflict between humans and orcs has long been irreconcilable.
/Having a large number of orc slaves in the territory is a high-risk matter in itself. Even if the lord is not afraid of these guys causing trouble, the serfs below cannot stand the trouble.
In the event of unrest, the Maple Leaf collar, which is already unable to make ends meet, will become even worse.
“Don’t worry, Uncle Holman. The extra slaves will not be wasted. If we can’t use them, it doesn’t mean that our neighbors can’t use them either.
Most of the orc slaves are indeed horribly stupid, and they can make a mess of even the simplest things. But you can still do some purely physical work that doesn’t require using your brain.
Although there is some suspicion of collaborating with the enemy, if we don’t do this kind of thing, others will do it.
The Maple Leaf Territory has been in deficit for a long time, and the territories of other nobles are similar. In Wright and Wyton counties, except for the mountainous territories, which are rich and wealthy, almost all the territories are unable to make ends meet.
Fortunately for the local nobles, the autumn plowing has finally been completed. As long as they survive these few months of drought, they will be able to maintain balance in the future.
If they can reduce their expenses, give up unnecessary interpersonal expenses, and lower their daily living standards. It will take at most one or two years to turn losses into profits.
But we are different. The army is the foundation for our ability to move south, but it is also a big mountain that weighs on us.
There is no military subsidy from the kingdom, no smuggling business to do, and no objects to plunder. Relying solely on the output of the territory, the pressure to feed so many soldiers is really too great.
But before the local nobles officially accept us, it’s impossible not to maintain so many troops

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