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judging the wrongness of the “world” from the questions and thus detecting the abnormality of “The Fool”, he decided to communicate alone and block others.


Dec 21, 2023

After a brief tour, Edwina led Klein out of the collection room and into the captain’s room in the pirate restaurant.
“The more special food here is yogurt. You can add jams such as strawberries, or you can put honey directly.” Edwina pointed to the row of food outside the door. “There are several kinds of dried fish that are also good. They come from the deep sea and have not yet been Named species.”
As she spoke, she motioned to Klein to take it for himself, took it back to the room, and stood up on his own initiative, setting an example.
Klein took a piece of yogurt made by someone who didn’t know who it was, put a few spoons of honey in it, then held the plate and picked out pork sausages, butter bagels and other foods.
/During this process, he saw a young man wearing a white shirt, black vest, and colorful bow tie, who looked more like a clerk than a pirate, approaching “Iceberg Vice Admiral” Edwina, exchanging something in a low voice.
This man is good-looking, with blond hair with darker roots, neatly tumbling to both sides.
His eye color is a very light lake green, his nose is straight, his lips are thin, and he has a trustworthy temperament.
“Don’t be deceived by this guy’s appearance. He is just a can of wolf fish, full of stench.” Daniz also entered the pirate restaurant at some point, came to Klein’s side, and whispered contemptuously.
Klein glanced sideways at him and said nothing, because he knew Daniz would take the initiative to explain.
Before Daniz could speak, the man with a bloated waist next to him said in a slightly high-pitched voice:
“He’s the third mate, Yodson. He was a playboy and a pirate. He said he wanted to steal our captain’s heart. He got beaten up and left to get an education. That’s bullshit.”
“In short, he is not a good person,” Daniz emphasized.
“Not a good thing,” another pirate with a dark complexion agreed.
Why do I always feel that you are on the same page? Klein thought for a while and said:
“Bounty of £5,200 for Flower Tie Jordanian Sequence 6”
As expected, it was a standard Gehrman Sparrow reaction. Danitz looked over there, and said with a hint of fear in his disdain:
“He is either too strong or very strange. When I fought with him, no, during the fight, he suddenly couldn’t use fireballs, but he could imitate my fire ability.”
The description was very familiar. Klein subconsciously looked towards Jordan, thought about it carefully, and remembered where he had heard it:
This is very similar to the “Vascular Thief”, a sealed item behind the Chanis Gate in Tingen City
Klein could no longer remember the seal number of the “Vessel Thief”, but he still clearly remembered that it could briefly steal other people’s extraordinary abilities for his own use.
Klein, who was on the corresponding path, looked away and found Daniz and his two companions looking over there with concern while drinking.
Thinking t

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