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Miss “Magician” only took one minute to gather the main ingredients for the potion, “Justice” Audrey could no longer bear it, raised her hands slightly and said:


Dec 21, 2023

“I hope to get the complete pituitary gland of the young psychic dragon, or 60 ml of the spinal fluid of the black hunting dragon, and a fruit of the psychedelic wind chime tree.”
This is the main ingredient of the “Hypnotist” potion. If you only use the complete pituitary gland of the young mind dragon, no other combination is needed.
As soon as Audrey finished speaking, she heard Ms. “Hermit” respond:
“I have a way to get the spinal fluid of the Black Hunter lizard, but it also takes two to three weeks and costs between 1,500 and 2,000 pounds because it’s not something I can decide.
“I will help you inquire about the fruit of the psychedelic wind chime, but there is no guarantee that I will get any news.”
Well, the very efficient Ms. “Hermit” seemed to have a stronger sense of belonging to our Tarot Club after being punished. She became more positive and kinder. “Justice” Audrey was temporarily speechless.
/After a few seconds of silence, she bowed slightly and said:
“no problem.”
Alger, the “Hanged Man” who was watching, suddenly felt that the development of things was different from what he expected. The “hermit” who had been beaten and punished by Mr. Fool changed his past style of watching and listening and participated deeply. Every matter that she could participate in in the Tarot Society, and her strength, background, resources and channels as a pirate general immediately showed a strong and dazzling light.
This “sting” almost made Alger unable to open his eyes, and he felt a strong sense of crisis again for no reason.
At this moment, he very much hoped that Ms. “Hermit” would return to her previous state.
“The Fool” Klein was also a little surprised:
“I thought Ms. Hermit would be depressed for a period of time and would be repulsed by the Tarot Club to a certain extent. As a result,
“The difficulty level is that she doesn’t fight or obey.
“Well, educating children requires spanking. The queen spanks too little, and her style of doing things is not very good. The emperor also spanks too little.”
While complaining in his heart, Klein manipulated the “world” and asked him to look around, laughing in a low voice:
“Does any of you have the magic potion recipe or clue for Seer Path Sequence 4?”
Sequence 4 Mr. “World” is about to move towards the level of demigod “Justice” Audrey was surprised for a while.
She originally felt that her sequence had improved quickly enough, and she was a little proud of it, but now, she suddenly felt that she was falling behind.
Mr. World suddenly became such a high-end “magician” Forsi was also surprised.
In her heart, although the gloomy, introverted and lonely Mr. “World” is a powerful extraordinary person, he seems to be far, far away from demigods and Sequence 4. Who would have thought that the other party would immediately start buying Sequence 4 potions? Here’s the recipe.
Alger, the “Hanged

By sangna