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Dec 21, 2023

Klein responded calmly:
/“I entered a ruins belonging to the Scourge Queen Coshinam and got some items.”
“Relics” Xiatasi chewed the word in a low voice, her tone was as if she had lost something that was not important but she couldn’t bear to part with it.
“Judging from the situation there, He may not have really died.” Klein saw Xiatasi’s eyes light up and asked directly, “Do you have the Ocean Singer’s potion formula? What can I exchange for it?”
He felt that it was best to be frank and direct when negotiating with the Beyonders of the “Storm” path.
Shaitas thought for a while and said:
“Just use one of the queen’s items in exchange.”
“I only got a wine cup made of gold. It has been flattened, and the surface is engraved with complex patterns and the two Elvish words for natural disaster and Coshinam.” Klein did not hide anything.
“I know that cup, it’s the Queen’s favorite cup.” Shatas said with excitement, “Deal”
“The cup is outside.” Klein had no intention of going above the gray mist in front of everyone.
Shaitas nodded:
“I see.
“Once we leave this book, the deal is done.”
Having said this, she put her palms together and said:
“The storm must belong to the elves”
Before anyone else could speak, she curiously asked:
“What else did you find there?”
“Some murals tell the story of the battle between the Elf King and the ancient Sun God.” Klein glanced at the ascetic monk Snowman, who is said to believe in “the Lord who created everything, the omniscient and omnipotent God.”
The middle-aged man with his back to the flames and his face to the stone wall finally spoke hoarsely:
“No, He is not just the sun god.
“He is our Lord, the Father of all, the source of greatness.
“He is not fighting the Elf King, he is just taking back his own authority.”
As soon as Snowman finished speaking, Shatas stood up and pointed the tip of her arrow at him.
Suddenly, the elf singer’s long black hair tied into a ponytail spread out, flying upward and around in violation of the laws of nature. The hair strands were clearly defined and wrapped with silvery electric light, revealing a strange dark blue color. .
/Just as Xiatasi was about to let go of the bowstring, a huge gray-blue palm suddenly appeared in front of her. It blocked the tip of the arrow without fear of being pierced.
This was exactly the palm of the giant Grossel. One of the characteristics of this race is that the proportions of the hands and feet are exaggerated and almost abnormally long. Therefore, he just sat down and stretched out his arms to stop Shatas.
“Okay, Snowman, stop talking. You know, Shatas is an elf who likes to use actions instead of words.” Grossell said to the ascetic monk first, then turned to look at the elf singer, “Xia Tasi is an elf who likes to use actions instead of words.” Tasi, we are companions and have experienced many dangers together. You can give your back to each other’s companions. You can contradict Snowman or even beat him, but you cannot try to hurt him.”
As expected of the protagonist of th

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