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pirit world are also obviously different.


Dec 21, 2023

If there are only Sequence 9 and Sequence 8, it will not exceed the scope of Backlund. At my current level, I don’t know if I can go directly to the original island provided by Mr. “The Hanged Man”. Well, it really doesn’t work. It can be divided into two and three grams. Ryan thought with a smile.
It was only then that he discovered that “Traveler” was really powerful in frontal combat, because the difficulty of using short-distance “travel” was only the same as “Fire Jump”, which meant that “Traveler” could keep going around. The target flashes, and it can be far or near, making it hard to guard against and impossible to attack.
/Coupled with the “recorded” various abilities and the vigilance to stay away as soon as he saw something wrong, Klein suspected that even if he had “Lightning Storm” and “Tornado”, he might not be able to leave “Traveler” behind in a head-on battle.
Sure enough, the “Secret Puppet Master” should try his best to stay behind the scenes. While sighing, Klein turned his attention to Mr. X’s body again.
“Creeping Hunger” just gained an extraordinary ability, which is the “open door” of the “Apprentice” sequence. This is almost equivalent to weakening a lot of “travel” and has little value.
As his eyes moved, Klein’s eyes reflected the ruby-encrusted ring on Mr.
After staring at Mr. \
In this way, even if the items carried by Mr.
After careful inspection, Senior returned with a ruby ??ring, 48 pound notes and an ordinary pipe filled with tobacco.
This is the only thing a divine envoy of the Aurora Society has. Klein looked at this scene in surprise and almost cursed him as a “poor guy.”
Soon, he regained his composure and convinced himself with reason that this situation was very reasonable:
“Mr. You can not only enjoy the advantages of diverse and complementary abilities, but also avoid the corresponding negative effects, so as not to screw yourself up.
“Based on this idea, this ring will most likely have a passive or triggering effect.”
Thinking of this, Klein nodded slightly and asked “Resentful Soul” Senior to pick up Mr.
After sitting in the seat of “The Fool”, he no longer feared anything. He directly took the gold ring inlaid with rubies and used divination to confirm the actual effect of this magical item.
“The name is Flower of Blood
“It allows the wearer to control his own flesh and blood at a deeper level. As long as he does not die directly, is not completely purified, and loses the ability to control, he can squirm and recover.
“This is equivalent to giving an instinct, which is a passive effect.
“It seems that my previous decision to use the death knell to give a fatal blow was right. If I didn’t try my best, Mr. As for me, I am more of a spell caster, and my body is not strong enough.
/“This ring also has some corresponding flesh and blood magic, which is quite practical.” Klein held the ruby ??ring in one hand and tapped the edge of the mottled long table with the other, silently muttering to himself.
He immediately

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