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en mixed into potions, some have been isolated underground as sealed objects, and some have less negative effects and have been rewarded to Clergy, so it is not surprising that similar things stimulate each other and cause abnormalities on the “Night of the Blood Moon”.


Dec 21, 2023

If it is a magical item, then there is no problem. If it is a sealed object, the song can penetrate the isolation, which means it is not simple. Alger took back his thoughts, brushed his teeth, and lay down on the bed.
He quickly fell asleep and entered dreamland.
I don’t know how long it took, but Alger suddenly became conscious. He vaguely knew that he was dreaming, but he had the initiative to look around him.
He found that above him was the rippling dark blue water, overlapping one layer after another, and the sky could not be seen at all. In front of him was a gorgeous palace that seemed to be made of coral, tall, magnificent, dark, and gloomy.
Alger subconsciously walked towards the palace and walked into the open door.
Giant coral pillars stand up inside, supporting an exaggerated dome. The walls and top are covered with murals depicting the terror of the storm.
/At the end hundreds of meters away, a seat inlaid with sapphires, emeralds, and round pearls is located on nine steps, which is particularly eye-catching.
Alger looked over and saw a woman sitting there wearing a complicated and simple dress. Her hair was black and tied into a high bun. She had soft contours and delicate facial features. She had a beauty that would not be prejudiced by the changes of the times. .
This woman had a cold expression, slightly pointed ears, and deep brown eyes. She just looked at Alger condescendingly.
In her hand, she was playing with a gold wine glass with complicated patterns.
Just as Alger was about to speak, the woman’s eyes glowed with silver light, as if lightning lit up and rushed out, piercing the dream.
Hu Aljie turned over and sat up, taking a breath subconsciously, feeling that the dream just now was both blurry and clear.
/Among them, what is blurry is the woman’s appearance, the details of the mural and the specific appearance of the coral palace. What is clear is the pair of lightning-like eyes and slightly pointed ears.
The items left behind by a high-ranking elf, under the influence of the blood moon, resonated with the extraordinary characteristics of the “Ocean Singer” in me, so much so that they affected my dreams. While making guesses, Alger casually thought that it would be Which item.
Because of his low status, limited knowledge of sealed items and magical items, and some knowledge that others did not know, he quickly had a goal:
“The natural disaster of Goshinam
“The book of natural disasters he left behind should have been sent to Pasu Island.
“Wait until the debriefing is over, leave here, and then ask Mr. Fool for advice to see if what happened just now will have any negative impact.”
Alger would not dare to recite the honorable name of “The Fool” at the headquarters of the Church of Storms.
After dawn, he showed

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