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Dec 21, 2023

“Justice or the Hanged Man tried the ritual magic I gave.”
“My thinking is really right.”
“Those three descriptions can indeed point me accurately through the mysterious space above the gray fog.”
“But I’m far from strong enough. I can’t hear the content of the prayer clearly. I wonder if there is any news left above the gray fog.”
“Well, enter tonight to confirm.”
Klein was a little worried and a little excited. He quickly put up the newspaper and covered his face to prevent others from seeing the change in his expression.
Soon, he arrived at Zotland Street and entered the Blackthorn Security Company.
Before he could say hello to Roxanne, Klein saw captain Dunn Smith coming out with a piece of paper with a portrait in his hand.
“You should also take a look at this internal wanted notice. A very vicious and cruel Beyonder has entered Tingen.” Dunn, who was wearing a black windbreaker and no hat, glanced here and handed the paper over. come over.
Klein took it and took a look. The first thing that caught his eye was the sketch.
The owner of the portrait has a round face, a friendly temperament with a bit of shyness, and is not too old, only about eighteen or nineteen years old.
“Tris, a suspected Extraordinary, is initially assessed as the instigator of Sequence 8. The possibility of being from the Gnosis Society cannot be ruled out. The perpetrator of the Alfalfa tragedy has eyewitness testimony that he came to Tingen after leaving Enmatt Port, and his current whereabouts are unknown. ”
The Tris Alfalfa turned out to be an extraordinary person who committed the crime. Klein suddenly remembered yesterday afternoon’s dream interpretation and Joyce Meyer’s description, so he immediately said:
“Captain, I know a client who may be a very important witness.”
“I know, Joyce Meyer. I was asked by the Mechanical Heart team to help me last night. I saw you in Joyce’s dream, and I also confirmed from many details that Tris was responsible for the Alfalfa tragedy. .” Dunn’s gray eyes remained calm and he chuckled.
It’s really boring. Captain, luckily I had a day off yesterday, so I wasn’t playing the role of “divineer” during work. Klein cursed, feeling almost afraid of being caught by his immediate boss.
He turned to ask:
“Which Gnosis Society of which sequence is the instigator and what organization is it?”
Instigating others to kill each other is Tris’s way to eliminate the hidden dangers of potions, or is it a need for promotion?
Dunn thought for a few seconds and said:
“It just so happens that it’s time for you to get in touch with relevant information about extraordinary people and secret organizations. Don’t always be instructed by Old Neil to read historical documents.”
/Captain, isn’t the reason why you recruited me here just because you want a “historical expert”? Klein didn’t dare to point out the problem and nodded seriously:
Holding the document signed by Dunn, Klein went underground and entered the weapons warehouse.
“Dunn is right. It’s time for you to learn abo

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