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be sealed, and the internal guardian must regularly add charcoal and coal to prevent the flame from extinguishing. Well, if there is a sealed item that can continuously emit high temperature, it can be combined to make the seal easier. Ryan glanced at the steel bathtub, and in order not to disrupt his plan, he moved closer and used tools to add some of the coal piled outside to the fire.


Dec 21, 2023

When he raised his head, he glanced out of the corner of his eye and saw silver metal products under the hot water in the steel bathtub.
Combined, they seemed to be a heavy full-body armor, and there were dark red blood stains and splattered red spots that could not be cleaned in some places.
“142” The ancient god’s blood is now stored in Backlund Parish for a long time. Klein has seen this sealed object, and the corresponding information suddenly emerged in his heart.
Just when he was about to look back, he saw the simple silver helmet.
The visor of the helmet had been pulled down, making it look dark inside. At this moment, Klein felt eyes peeking out and looking at him.
He shuddered suddenly and took two steps back quickly, his heart beating fast and wildly.
Not daring to look any further, Klein calmed down, turned his gaze forward, stepped calmly, and left the area.
After passing several closed places, he was suddenly struck by inspiration. He felt that something was calling him somewhere on his right, and it made a popping sound like the heart was expanding and contracting.
Sure enough, the Antigonus family notebook has been waiting for me to come. Klein calmly confirmed his previous judgment, followed the call of nothingness, changed direction, and approached all the way.
/In just two or three minutes, he saw a room with a half-open stone door. It was dark and deep inside, without any light.
Following the illumination of the lantern, an empty bookshelf made of white bones came into view. An ancient notebook with a hard black cover was placed on it.
The Antigonus Family Notes
/“Honakis Fregla, Honachis Fregla,” the illusory voice penetrated Klein’s ears, making him sure that he had found his target.
Things went smoothly, but Klein did not dare to be careless or reckless. He cautiously entered the room and approached slowly, fearing that the measures to seal the Antigonus family notes would cause harm to himself.
So, when the distance got closer, a hand suddenly stretched out from his chest and abdomen, with a dark red sleeve.
This is the hand of “Grudge” Senior.
One of the rules of “Secret Puppet Master” is to use “Secret Puppet” as much as possible if “Secret Puppet” can be used. If anything goes wrong, “Secret Puppet” will be responsible for it.
At this moment, there was a sudden “pop” sound at the door of the room, as if someone was walking over.
Klein’s pupils suddenly dilated, and he rushed towards the Bones Bookshelf without thinking, so that the hands of the “Secret Puppet” between his chest and abdomen could grab the Antigonus Family Notes as quickly as possible. At the same time, he put his right palm i

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