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unning two steps, he suddenly coughed and slowed down involuntarily.


Dec 21, 2023

His cough did not calm down like normal, but became more and more intense, as if he wanted to cough his lungs out of his throat.
Klein’s figure in a top hat and formal suit flashed and came to the back of the target again, maintaining a distance of nearly ten meters.
At this moment, Enzo opened his arms, letting invisible ripples swing out of his body.
It was like a pure spiritual storm, sweeping towards all the surrounding spirit bodies, causing intense dizziness and spreading disaster at the same time.
Klein also had a premonition of danger. As soon as Enzo opened his arms, his body disappeared and appeared in the middle of the steep stairs.
Enzo, who had his eyes closed, saw that he failed to achieve the desired effect, so he immediately gave up the idea of ????escape after killing the target, and continued to rush towards the guardrail at the end of the street.
He had a hunch that if he delayed for a while, some of the “Nighthawks” would catch up and make the situation even more chaotic.
/As a “lucky person” and a “winner”, the more chaotic the situation, the more hope of escaping.
At this time, because he had continuously changed directions and fled blindly, he once again passed by the Secret Puppet Off who was shot in the chest by him.
On the index finger of Auf’s left hand, he wore a gold ring set with rubies.
The ring flashed with blood, and the injury on Ofu’s chest had already squirmed and recovered. He jumped up, opened his mouth wide and pounced on Enzo who happened to be passing by.
In his mouth, the tongue seemed to have lost its sense of reality and turned into a ball of flowing flesh.
“Flower of Blood”
What Off is wearing is the “Flower of Blood” ring that Klein obtained from Mr. One’s own flesh and blood, as long as it does not die instantly or undergo complete purification, it can squirm and recover from any serious injury.
At the same time, it also comes with some flesh and blood magic, which is a magical item that is very suitable for secret puppets.
Before Klein came out to find a new marionette, he didn’t know which path the target belonged to and what sequence it was, so he made relatively comprehensive preparations and asked Auf to wear the “Flower of Blood” ring. In this way, he could The director made a play that seemed like he was the main character and the secret puppet was the assistant, but in fact it was just the opposite.
Just as Enzo ran past where Of was lying, his knee suddenly felt a stab of pain, which seemed to be due to some minor injury from the previous fall.
As soon as he had an idea, he squatted down, and then he felt a figure flying over his head and jumped into the air.
Auf’s sudden attack still failed to have an effect on the “winner”
Enzo was about to smile and run wildly again when he suddenly had a bad feeling in his heart and subconsciously curled up to protect his fatal part.
At the same time, Secret Puppet Auff suddenly expanded and exploded silently.
The balls of flesh and blo

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