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Dec 21, 2023

“When did you convert to my Lord?”
The “Lord” here refers to the Lord of the Underworld.
Blaine recalled for two or three seconds and said:
“At that time, I had just celebrated my 30th birthday.”
/He only entered the mysterious world at the age of 30 and embarked on an extraordinary path. He became a Sequence 4 demigod before he was 40. This speed is not just because of his amazing talent, but it also means that he is probably a favored one by the gods. Sure enough, in that ceremony, he Both the spirit and the body were affected by the “uniqueness” of the “Death” path. Klein listened and thought, becoming more certain about his previous guess.
Of course, compared to the fact that he went from an ordinary person to a Sequence 4 demigod in just one year, Patrick Blaine’s promotion speed is nothing to mention.
Regarding this point, Klein doesn’t feel that there is anything to lament, because he is indeed a “god’s favored one”, and he has more than one cheat.
The only problem is whether the current rewards for those gifts are enough.
After pondering for a moment, Klein turned to ask:
“What is your apparent identity now?”
“I am a businessman who has opened two garment factories in Backlund. I believe in the goddess of the night and am a supporter of the New Party,” Patrick Blaine introduced.
Klein almost said “ha” and continued to ask:
“How many members of the Spiritual Religion Group do you have and what are they doing?”
Blaine responded smoothly and preparedly:
“Two groups, twelve extraordinary people, some of them work in my garment factory, some of them work in the watch shop, each of them has a formal occupation.
“Normally, they will spread the faith of God carefully around them. The progress in this area is very slow, and it is not the main purpose. The total number of believers does not exceed one hundred.
“Most of the time, they were collecting clues about the various things left behind by the gods, as well as the different materials needed for the awakening rituals.
“With the clues, we will carry out some actions accordingly. After the materials are ready, we will experiment with different awakening rituals to find the most effective one. I am the host of the action and the core element of the ritual.”
Sounding very proud, Klein asked about other situations and received detailed answers.
Finally, he thought for a while and said with a serious expression:
/“Follow God’s command. From now on, you will obey my instructions.”
Patrick Blaine stood up immediately and saluted solemnly:
“Yes, Your Excellency, the Beloved One.”
Klein nodded slightly and said:
In Klein’s view, no matter how the form of Brain’s awakening ritual changes, it ultimately points to the artificial Death, that is, the “uniqueness” of the “Death” path. This will make it more activated and will not be conducive to the further development of the goddess. master.
Regardless of whether Klein is happy to see a similar situation happen, since the “Goddess of the Night” has asked Blaine to come over, he has to make such a

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