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the content of the dungeon, and make it more attractive overall, and then there is the attempt to fight the ruins of the Gods.


Dec 21, 2023

In the end, the “traveler” in the title made me finalize my idea. As a traveler, I cannot go deep into other people’s lives. Everything I see is just the external manifestation, and then I will have different feelings. For example, during the trip, Seeing a drunk girl vomiting and crying on the roadside, some people will think that she really does not love herself, some will think that she has experienced something sad, and some will find it noisy.
Based on the fact that human beings’ joys and sorrows are not of the same tone, I deliberately did not write about Grossel Mobert’s past or exaggerate their emotions. I just faithfully and objectively recorded what they should say and what they should have. The performance does not involve their inner monologue at all.
/If you read it carefully, you will find that I basically did not directly write about Xiao Ke’s inner feelings in that paragraph, and deliberately left it blank.
/Therefore, some people will find it a bit awkward to forcefully sensationalize, some friends will be more sentimental, and some will think deeply and extend it, trying to restore it.
This is the effect I want to achieve. The joys and sorrows of human beings are not the same, especially in the eyes of a traveler, laugh.
I will update the characters later, so please mention them here so I don’t forget them.
Thank you all again, and please ask for the next monthly ticket by the way.
The patter of rain, the faint mist, the rows of gas street lamps trying to show off their misty light, and the horse-drawn carriages driving through the streets from time to time together constitute the most common night scene in Backlund.
In addition to these, Klein, standing behind the window, noticed some welcome changes.
Jingle Bell
As the crisp sound echoed, a strange machine with only two wheels quickly ran along the edge of the road and drove to the other end of the street. Its overall frame was black, but some parts showed a steely gray color. It penetrated the rain. Under the light of the gas street lamp, the beauty of metal shone.
Sitting on top of this machine was a man wearing a postal worker’s uniform. His legs were constantly moving, looking very hard. There was a green-painted wooden box tied behind him.
“The promotion is very good.” Klein, a mature man in a white shirt and black vest, looked at this scene and sighed silently.
In just a few hours after he returned to Backlund, he encountered many similar strange machines on the way. This was exactly the bicycle he invested in and promoted.
From the newspaper, Klein learned that Backlund Bicycle Company had done a lot of advertising and held bicycle competitions in the Jowood District and Backlund Bridge area to attract the attention of people there. In addition to these methods, they also actively Locally promoted to government postal, police and other departments, the effect is said to be quite good.
Their pricing

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