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can only rely on the murals left in the past to recover the lost past bit by bit. The probability is very low, but it does not mean that there is no such thing. We don’t know what special problems or problems the King of Angels has. “


Dec 21, 2023

While speaking, “The Hanged Man” Alger glanced at Mr. “Fool”, as if he wanted to get some hints from this existence, but unfortunately he failed to get any feedback.
/“The Fool” Klein actually doesn’t have no ideas, but he has too many ideas to give.
“Tail-Eater” Ourolius grew up next to the “True Creator” every time he was “restarted”. No one knows what state He is in now… After muttering in his heart, Klein saw that there were no more information for the time being. Inspired, he manipulated “The World” to look at “The Sun” Derrick and said:
“I recently harvested a batch of mushrooms that can grow and reproduce in the dark by devouring monster flesh. I wonder if you, Silver City, are interested?”
Mushrooms that can eat monster flesh? “Judgment” Xiu and others were surprised and curious for a moment, wondering how such a creature could exist.
Sure enough, there are many things in the world that we have not yet understood… This is what a “Recorder” should record… “Magician” Forsi sighed with emotion and came to a realization.
“Hermit” Cattleya’s eyes suddenly deepened a little, and she sat there without speaking or moving her body, like a statue.
Derrick “The Sun” felt happy after hearing this, his thoughts changed, and he blurted out:
“Can those mushrooms actively attack monsters?”
If possible, this could serve as both food and the outer defense system of Silver City.
I thought the little “Sun” would be afraid of those mushrooms… but his “requests” turned out to be even more excessive… “The World” Gehrman Sparrow’s mouth moved slightly:
/“No, if mushrooms can actively attack monsters, it will not be an exception for you.”
Derrick “The Sun” felt a little ashamed and nodded hurriedly:
“I understand, Mr. World.”
Klein immediately asked the dummy “world” to further describe:
“Some of those mushrooms can be ground into flour, some can produce milk, some can enrich oil, which is equivalent to beef, and some taste close to fish, but without spines… Except for milk, which can be drank directly, others must be steamed or boiled , fry, roast, etc., otherwise those mushrooms will absorb flesh and blood in the body, restore activity, and turn a person into countless mushrooms from the inside out…”
“Justice” Audrey, “The Hanged Man” Alger and other members of the Tarot Society originally seemed to be listening to novel and interesting stories, but as they listened, they all subconsciously shrank back and became unusually silent.
Only the “Hermit” Cattleya, her eyelids twitched, decided to have a “talk” with Frank when she returned to the real world.
She was worried that one day when the “Star Pirates” held a crew vote, a large number of mushrooms would cast a solemn vote.
At this time, Derrick the Sun, who had listened carefully, couldn’t hide his expectation and c

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