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At this moment, the ethereal and melancholy song appeared again, echoing in Alger’s ears and piercing his spirit.


Dec 20, 2023

This is an extremely ancient song that sings the ultimate sadness and melancholy, making Alger’s spirit seem to have grown pale and insubstantial arms, constantly tearing at himself.
Alger’s expression became distorted, and smooth, light black fish scales stood out one after another on the surface of his skin. His dark blue hair, which was as messy as seaweed, stood up one after another, becoming extremely thick.
The thoughts that originally existed in his mind were disturbed by the song, interrupted by the pain, and could no longer take shape.
Alger fell down, struggling and squirming on the ground, becoming less and less human and about to lose control.
Suddenly, the singing stopped, and a slightly indifferent voice reached Alger’s ears:
“There are some elven bloodlines…
“Then let’s make good use of Xiatasi’s extraordinary characteristics.”
Alger slowly got up with cold sweat on his forehead, and saw a figure in the tent at some point.
This is a woman with black hair, delicate facial features, slightly pointed ears, deep eyes, and soft contours. She is wearing a complicated and simple dress. Even if her height is not an advantage, she still gives people a condescending feeling.
“…Are you the Elf Queen, the ‘Queen of Natural Disasters’ Goshinam?” Alger had a flash of thought and asked proactively.
The woman played with a gold wine glass with beautiful patterns and said flatly:
“Haven’t you already seen me?”
Alger suddenly remembered the similar singing he heard on Pasu Island, and recalled the dream in which he entered the coral palace under the sea and saw a high-ranking elf.
“You are still alive.” After a few seconds of silence, Alger said in a low voice.
/At the same time, he quietly recited Mr. Fool’s honorable name in his heart, but he didn’t know if it would be useful if he didn’t recite it aloud.
The woman with black hair pulled into a high bun responded without changing her expression:
“It is difficult for an angel to fall without encountering an enemy.”
“Then why do you want to divide your characteristics and put yourself in a strange state, and you have to wait for an opportunity to be resurrected?” Alger had learned about the corresponding situation in the Tarot Club, and asked now, partly out of curiosity and partly out of procrastination. time.
The elf woman who was suspected to be the “Queen of Disaster” Coshinam snorted:
“Because the throne of the storm is occupied by Leodro, and I am unable to resist the ‘tyrant’.
“Also, the elves are getting fewer and fewer, and my anchor is getting weaker and weaker.”
Others may not know who Leodro is, but Alger knows it very well and does not dare to continue this topic in the real world.
Just when he wanted to ask “Queen of Natural Disasters” Cosinam about the purpose of coming here, the Elf Queen took the initiative and said:
“Do you want to be a demigod?”
Does He want to use my body to resurrect me? Does he want to use pr

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