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to the gray-white building. He opened his hands slightly and said with a smile:


Dec 20, 2023

“This is the sacred place where my father awoke, and it contains the history I want to explore.
“My father told me that there is a very ancient name here called…”
Under the silvery white lightning that cut across the sky, Amon, who was wearing a classic black robe, paused for a moment, opened his arms wider, and said with a bit of solemnity:
As he approached the blue-black Cyclops, he anticipated many developments, but he never expected to hear such a name.
This is like water-cooled machine guns appearing in ancient oil paintings, and novel plots appearing in scientific research papers. It is full of contradictions and makes people unbelievable.
The next second, Klein thought of the funny thing about the ancient Sun God using his own ribs to create the dark angel Sasriel, but named his eldest son Adam. He instinctively thought that what he was experiencing at this moment was a similar situation, which made him endure it. Can’t help but want to laugh.
When he realized that Amon, the King of Angels who was so powerful that he was almost a “bug” and always had a bad smile, said such a name in a relatively serious and solemn manner, Klein’s urge to laugh became increasingly difficult to contain, and he also Don’t want to contain.
/The best thing would be to make Amon so angry that he would kill me directly… The education of the ancient sun god must bear a large part of the responsibility for Amon becoming what he is today! Klein grinned, ready to reveal his inner smile without mercy.
At this time, another silvery lightning streaked across the sky, illuminating the deep ravine, allowing Klein to once again see the thick, gray-white continuous building at the bottom.
Klein’s heart contracted rapidly, then expanded again. His smile froze on his face just as it bloomed.
Plop! Plop!
Klein heard his own heartbeat, and common sense about the current world suddenly popped up in his mind:
“A year has twelve months, three hundred and sixty-five days, and there are leap years…
“Twenty-four hours a day, sixty minutes an hour, sixty seconds a minute…
“Confirmed to be a planet…
“There is only one sun and one moon in the sky…”
Plop! Plop! Plop!
Klein’s instinct prevented him from thinking about it, but a “voice” still emerged from deep in his heart:
Could it be that there has never been such a thing as “traveling”. In fact, I have always been on the earth, but I have been suspended in the light door above the gray fog for too long. I really do not belong to this era…
As this idea took shape, many details that did not attract his attention erupted like a volcano in Klein’s mind:
“In the easternmost part of the Suniya Sea, before entering the ruins of the God War, there are decayed and collapsed steel buildings surrounding the ancient deep-sea well. These seem to be left by humans…
“The overall terrain of the North and South continents is very similar to that of North and South America,

By sangna