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he crushing impact of the huge Great Moon Fleet formation.


May 15, 2024

he crushing impact of the huge Great Moon Fleet formation.
Standing on the ground where black smoke is still rising after the port burned.
Wei He did not take action, but based on visual inspection, there were five grand masters and fifteen golden generals who took action.
Two of the masters were hit by the Red Demon splitting bullets, but the terrifying blood force field of Otsutsuki True Blood caused them to only be injured but not killed.
On the contrary, such dangerous attacks were regarded as provocations to the Grandmaster.
The five masters, including those from the Buddhist sect, all awakened together and took action. No one could stop them wherever they went, and they suffered heavy casualties.
There is no need to do anything on your own, the entire offshore base here has been reduced to rubble.
boom! !
/There was a huge explosion on the base island in the distance.
The sky-high flames lit up the surrounding sky.
/A large black giant bird let out a sharp roar and attacked all the base masters who tried to escape from above.
Wei He stopped and slowly picked up a fragment of something from under his feet.
The fragment appeared to be a pocket watch, only half intact.
He opened it with a snap and there was a photo inside.
On the edge of the clear lake, a strong man with a thick head was carrying a little boy who was about 70% similar to him. He was holding a gentle blond woman in his arms and laughing at the camera.
Snow-white teeth, clear water splash, struggling boy.
Everything looks so beautiful.
Only one corner of the photo had been burned away and was stained with dark red blood.
Closing his pocket watch, Wei He looked into the distance, which was the direction to the north of Yuanxi and the end point of their expedition.
The pocket watch fell from his hand and rolled into a ravine on the ground.
Wei He strode forward, with the heavy cloak representing the general of an army flying in the wind behind him.
Behind him, figures like raindrops flew past at high speed, rushing towards the last remaining survivors on the base island.
Bai Shanxin, the commander of Otsuki, quickly formulated a huge plan to ‘blitz Yuanxi’ after collecting all the intelligence.
In the battle to annihilate the offshore fleet, the many system weapons displayed by the foreigners required a certain amount of preparation time before they could be activated.
Therefore, he made a plan that did not allow any preparation time for the other party.
From August to September, in just one month, Da Yue raided Far West and conquered twelve newly built bases in Serakla. Sweeping one-third of the territory of Far Greece.
More than 200,000 enemies were killed, but there were only more than 5,000 casualties.
The target of the army is directly at the many purple snow stones in the northern part of Seracla Far West.
As for Wei He, in this huge battle, in the name of Jusha Army, he searched everywhere for various rare resources and materials.
At the same time, he also began to practic

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