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o the evil spirit, the two sides reached a deadlock for a while. It seems that the human experts can still support it.


May 15, 2024

o the evil spirit, the two sides reached a deadlock for a while. It seems that the human experts can still support it.
“Come on, old man!” Fatty and the others really can’t help. These four can be said to be the strongest in the world now, but under the pressure of Kunpeng, they can only barely resist. That would be replaced by young people like them. It would probably be ejected as soon as it touched the demonic energy.
“Strong enough! He is an ancient demon master after all, what a terrifying power.” Mr. Jun said in a low voice. All the acupuncture points on the body have been used to the extreme. Every second at this moment is as long as a century. Whichever side cannot hold on first will lose!
However, at this juncture, Kunpeng on the opposite side said coldly: “Is this all your strength?”
These words hit the hearts of the four masters like a heavy hammer. Then Kunpeng raised his hands and faced the sky, shouting loudly: “Soul of your loyal servant, help me return to the top!”
All the souls of the Demon Emperor in the entire Xingyue Demon Palace flew back. Those white remnant souls came from all directions and fell into the mouth of the demonic figure transformed by Kunpeng.
Seeing this, Zhuyou hurriedly shouted: “No, it is devouring the remaining soul of the Demon Emperor. This is used to restore its strength.”
/The remaining souls kept coming, Luo Wuxin and the old sheep demon were plotting for the Demon Emperor’s remaining soul, and Zhuyou He tried his best to prevent the old sheep demon from succeeding. But now they really don’t get it. But it became someone else’s wedding dress!
The remnant soul was swallowed up, and the originally very powerful demonic energy was growing at an explosive rate. The draw that the four masters barely supported was slowly collapsing at this moment. The huge wave capsized. The demonic energy is getting stronger and stronger, and it is becoming more and more difficult for the four masters to retreat and support.
“You humans are really ridiculous. Didn’t that genius also fall into trouble? When I woke up from the chaos, I heard the sound between heaven and earth, and I felt extremely happy when I knew that Xu Fo had fallen. That person will also fall, that person will also die. . I know my chance has come. As long as I kill his reincarnation, all my vengeance will be avenged! And you are the sacrifices that will witness my return to the top, kill!” With the roar, the sky fell. , the four masters finally couldn’t resist and were knocked away by this terrifying demonic energy.
/Although their strength was astonishing, the four masters still spewed blood after being knocked away. Jun Yan hurriedly stepped forward to support the old man of the military family. Seeing his grandfather’s face covered with blood, he felt anxious and said, “Grandpa, are you okay?”
” It’s okay, but this guy is really powerful, ahem, none of us old guys can beat him.” The old man covered his chest.
“You can survive my heavy pressure, so you guys have some strength. After I kill you, you

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